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WORKTECH New York delegates will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in captivating workplace tours that provide an inside look at some of the most innovative and cutting-edge work environments in the industry. These tours offer a unique chance to explore the very spaces where ground-breaking ideas come to life and where the future of work is being redefined. Get ready to step inside the offices of leading companies, witness their design philosophies in action, and gain valuable insights that can inspire transformation in your own workspace. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss, and it’s just one of the many highlights awaiting you at our event.

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Google Pier 57, New York

When: 10-11am on Tuesday, September 26th

Where: Pier 57, 25 11th Ave, New York

Google’s latest addition to its Chelsea campus is located at Pier 57, a historic waterfront site. This linear peninsula offers a variety of individual and group workspaces, both indoors and outdoors, designed for social interaction. Additionally, it features 50,000 square feet of vibrant public spaces dedicated to education, art, and dining. Originally constructed in 1952 as a cargo storage facility for The Grace Line steamship company, Pier 57 was once the largest dock building in New York. Supported by massive buoyant caissons beneath the water’s surface, this 900-foot-long Art Deco structure underwent adaptive reuse. A former vehicular ramp now welcomes visitors with an interactive inclined walkway, accessible on foot or via a motorized glass “inclinator.” The entrance boasts a double-height Visitor Landing adorned with a grid of 54 conical skylights, each oriented uniquely to accommodate existing infrastructure.

WestCap, Solar Carve Tower, 40 10th Ave, New York

When: 9-10am/10-11am on Thursday, September 28th

Where: Solar Carve Tower, 40 10th Ave, New York

In May 2021, SpacesOf was contacted by a global financial firm with a unique office request. They wanted to create an on-demand headquarters for portfolio companies that had transitioned to remote work during the pandemic. The office features a distinctive double-height descending ‘mega stair’ connecting the 9th and 10th floors, offering stunning Hudson River views. Located on the Highline in the Meatpacking district, it’s a unique urban gem. The space prioritizes gathering areas over individual workspaces, fostering collaboration and social energy. Spanning 30k sqft, it’s visually open yet acoustically separate, accommodating diverse activities and fostering connections. This office serves as a high-functioning prototype for the modern workplace.


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