The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.


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How AI will Enable The Future of Work with Digital Talent

Join Peter Miscovich, JLL Global Future of Work Leader and Alexandra Levit, Wall Street Journal columnist and author of "Deep Talent: How to Transform Your Organization and Empower Your Employees Through AI," for an insightful fireside chat discussion. Explore the pivotal role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have in shaping the Future of Work and the Future of Talent for the next generation of Global Workforce Transformation. Gain valuable futurist insights and practical strategies with real-world case studies as to how we can harness AI's potential to enable greater human performance.

Designing the Future at the Intersection of AI, Game Simulations, and Spatial Computing

Explore the cutting-edge realm where AI, game simulations, and spatial computing converge in 'Designing the Future.' Join our expert panel as they envision the limitless possibilities of this dynamic intersection, unveiling the potential to revolutionize industries, transform user experiences, and shape the future.

Beyond the Cubicle: Crafting the Hybrid Workplace with Empathy and Data

What's the purpose of the workplace in this hybrid era? Discover why a proactive approach to reimagining workspaces is undeniably preferable to passive hope. Dive into the synergy of empathy and data as we navigate these challenges. Do you have the courage to challenge the status quo? Join us and be the vanguard of change.

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A Better Way To Design And Build Workspaces

Real Estate must be viewed differently going forward. This includes greater collaboration between CRE, HR and IT to ensure space is a platform to realize the company’s enterprise goals. The content delivered will provide clear examples of how Cisco is approaching our own real estate strategy (spoiler alert: it’s not about RE), including the data and outcomes we are now seeing. Equally, we intend to provide the attendees with best practices they can consider for their own organization to gain greater organizational alignment and achieve actual results from their real estate portfolio.

'Post-Peak' Office Era: A Proactive Approach to Workplace Transformation

In the aftermath of significant global shifts, we have entered a new era where the traditional office structure is no longer the peak of corporate operations. It's the 'post-peak' office era—an era characterized by hybrid workspaces, decentralized teams, and flexible work schedules. This session will provide insightful, research-backed strategies to adapt and thrive in this emerging landscape.

The Eudaemonia Machine

Sharing research and latest work on how workplaces can be designed to foster positive employee experience, innovation and hypercreativity – focusing on the intersection of digital & physical realms. Drawing on examples from Dewane’s Eudaimonia Machine and ideal deep work environment concepts.

The New Frontier of Employee Experience

Discover innovative approaches to create flexible and adaptable workspaces and smart environments that enhance employee well-being, productivity, and engagement in this enlightening and dynamic discussion.

Is the Future of Work a Shorter Working Week?: How Reducing Working Time Can Improve Performance As Well As Quality of Life

In this interactive presentation, leading global work time reduction expert and evangelist Joe O'Connor will lead a discussion on the growing international shorter working week movement, why and how organizations are moving to reduced-hour, productivity-focused work models, what the emerging findings from global trials and research is telling us, the synergies between AI, remote work and work time reduction, and what this all means for the future of work. This session will explore two fundamental questions shaping the future of work: Can we work less? Can we have better employees & employers?

Creating Connection and Engagement: Why Workplace Experience Matters

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Leveraging Cultural Anthropological Tools to Design Human-Centered Workplaces

A key vexing problem is how to maintain corporate culture in hybrid work environments. This talk examines how a cultural anthropological lens provides insights into building strong productive workplace cultures, defined as systems of beliefs, values and symbols, across digital and material locations where work happens today. It also enables the creation of diverse, equitable, inclusive, just, human-centered workplaces.

Beyond the Numbers: Building a Better Workplace with Human-Centric Data Analytics

As organizations navigate the transition back to office spaces, the significance of data has reached unprecedented levels. In this enlightening discussion, we embark on a journey beyond mere numbers, exploring the realm of human-centric data analytics shedding light on the path to obtaining a comprehensive and precise understanding of the contemporary workplace.

Inclusion Has Left the Office: Management Tips for a Hybrid Workforce

Managing across lines of difference is a well-known 21st century skillset, but the need to cultivate a sense of belonging in a remote and hybrid context is an unexpected development for many leaders. How do you deliver timely feedback without the benefit of proximity? How do you include voices and perspectives that aren’t in the office? And how do you provide support for colleagues that are struggling when they don’t tell you what they need? In this conversation, we’ll discuss how effective leaders are adapting to the changing landscape of work.

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A New Financial Environment

Private Equity has the unique potential to transform a novel business plan into a marketable asset. However, the tools of this transformation have been limited; "Investment" typically means "money." Mid-2021, we were approached by a fund with a broader sense of the word. This Client has a creative agency in operation within their walls. They provide financial expertise, re-branding, design concepts, and identity work for portfolio companies. They had the unique request to expand further this reimagined notion of investment, to give them an on-demand HQ with a high-functioning workspace

Transforming The Workplace During Societal Change and A Global Pandemic

Our recent Real Estate journey initiated in 2019 aimed at providing a workplace that fosters inclusiveness, wellness, and employee engagement. While design choices were made during the pandemic, post-COVID implementation reveals some gaps between expectation and reality. What are our lessons learned, how did we adjust and what’s next?

It’s An Asynchronous, Deconstructed, Transparent World: 3 Trends Driving a Very Different Future of Work- And What to Do About

Make work suck less and improve the performance of your people with a practical, hands-on guide by Melissa Swift. Melissa will cover an array of pragmatic strategies that put organizations and teams on the path to a future that is truly discontinuous from the bad patterns of the past – a future where the needs of the employee (empathy) and the needs of the employer (economics) are in harmony, not opposition.

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