Similar to a physical WORKTECH event, our virtual conference platform offers an immersive experience for learning, networking and connecting with industry professionals across the globe. As a delegate, you will have full access to interactive speaking sessions, one-to-one networking, discussion rooms and virtual expo booths over the course of two half days. WORKTECH UK/EMEA’s virtual event will launch on 27th and 28th of October and this is what delegates can expect from our event platform…

Virtual Event Reception

Here you can quickly find out what keynote sessions and activities are scheduled each day, see information from our education partners and any event announcements and updates. The reception area is the event’s central information hub and will help you with planning your time at WORKTECH’s first virtual event.

Virtual Stages

Join us at the Virtual Stages to see all keynote sessions, presentations, and exclusive panel discussions. Interact with our expert speakers through audience Q&A, polling and chat boxes with a mixture of live and pre-recorded content for you to dive into and enjoy.

Industry Networking

This segment is designed to recreate the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are key for building your networking and creating meaningful connections. During designated networking breaks, Hopin will match participating attendees in one-to-one video meetings.

Engage with industry professionals and click ‘connect’ during the call to exchange contact information. Newly made contacts will appear in the ‘connections’ page of your individual profile so that you can keep the conversation going post-event.

WORKTECH will also be offering pre-event networking 1 day before the virtual event goes live! See who is attending and connect before the event even starts.

Expo Area

WORKTECH works alongside numerous industry leading service providers and technology suppliers to bring you the latest and greatest workplace innovations. Hopin’s Expo area is similar to an exhibition hall at a live event and you can choose who to interact with and what to see. Expect our partners to be showcasing innovative and market-leading services on demand.


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