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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event will feature leading industry experts, discussing where next for the future of work and the broad-reaching complexities of the current crisis. What the post-Covid-19 workplace will look like and how can organisations begin to cope with a new normal. In normal WORKTECH style, we will continue to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the future of work from a people, place and technology perspective.

Is This the End of the Office As We Know It?

No going back: How work has changed in ways that we've recognised (and not) in 2021

Work has transformed more than any of us felt possible in the last few months. But what are the long-term consequences? How can we build energised, positive productive workplaces. What does the future of workplace culture look like?

Leading People Through an Era of Crisis and Complexity

An Interview with Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School

The dynamic of change in the post-COVID-19 era will combine new technologies, revised business priorities and shifting demographics leading to the 100 year life. But advances in technology and longevity have not been matched by supporting innovations to our social structures. Lynda Gratton looks at new leadership strategies as a path out of crisis.

The future of Workplace Wellbeing after Covid-19

The Forces Shaping the Future of Work


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