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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event will feature leading industry experts, discussing where next for the future of work and the broad-reaching complexities of the current crisis. What the post-Covid-19 workplace will look like and how can organisations begin to cope with a new normal. In normal WORKTECH style, we will continue to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the future of work from a people, place and technology perspective.

DAY 1 | Tuesday, 27th October


The Death of Distance. Has Covid-19 triggered long term change for economic and civic life?

Twenty years since the original prediction and release of the ground-breaking book Death of Distance, Dame Frances will share her thoughts…. Is Distance finally Dead? Will Covid-19 lead to long term change for people and cities? What will be the future for economic and civic life? What are the most significant changes in the way we live and work? Dame Frances will explore all this and its impact across the globe.

NASA: Innovation and Transformation

Dr. Douglas Terrier will discuss how America’s Space Program has created new business practices and operations during the pandemic. He also will share insights on NASA’s Artemis Program to return astronauts to the Moon and explore how NASA spinoff technologies have resulted in viable commercial products and services used in our everyday lives. In addition, Terrier will discuss how NASA is embracing digital transformation, a critical operational and culture change necessary for continued American space leadership in the 21st century.


Myth busters – exploring office myths in the new normal

Brett and Wes examines whether the reports on the “death of the office” are exaggerated? Is a smart office economically feasible? Siemens Smart Infrastructure debunks some of the myths about office workplaces in the new normal. They also share their own insights in this fire side chat with Siemens Real Estate exploring their new working model, where employees can work outside of the office up to 3 days a week and how it perfectly fits the investment of Smart office technology.

The Blueprint for the Hybrid Workplace

The global pandemic has dramatically changed how we work — and how we feel about going back to our offices. A global survey found that less than 9% of the global workforce expect to fully return to the office after they reopen. The hybrid workplace is here to stay. It is more important than ever that the leaders of today understand the urgency of preparing for the new era of work. Hear how a new paradigm and more people-centric approach of in-office and remote working augmented with workplace technology, creating an environment where meaningful interactions drive lasting value for your busines


Lloyd's of London Workplace Transformation

Lloyd's occupy one of the most iconic buildings in the City of London. In 2019 they embarked on an extensive redesign of their own workplace to embrace agility and new ways of working, and support innovation and team collaboration. Join Jack Kent as he outlines and discusses their new approach to the future of work and workplace.



The Post COVID-19 Workplace: Expert End User Panel

Over the coming months and years, individuals and organisations will make their own assessments about the role and value of a dedicated workplace, and they may reach very different conclusions. Our experts discuss what new strategies will be required to lure people back and offer some predictions for the future of the workplace

Panel Discussion

Stories From the Front Lines: Insights from design experts around the globE

Leading design firms from around the globe share their unique perspectives on the state of the workplace, sharing insights from Australia, Singapore, Scotland, Denmark, the UK and the United States. Their stories offer a deep understanding of how not only the pandemic is effecting each region, but how politics, racial issues, bushfires, etc. are adding to the narrative as we look to the post COVID-19 future.

"Happy Ever After": Has the Great Covid WFH Experiment changed our relationship to work forever?

AI analysis of our global “Voice of the Crowd” research suggests that as a result of the Covid- 19 enforced WFH experience millions of office workers are now more trusted, more autonomous, more confident to try new things, to solve their own problems and more aware of how they produce their best work. Is this finally the catalyst to tip us into being true knowledge workers and what might this mean for the supporting infrastructure - culture, behaviours, leadership, digital and physical enablers - we will need for effective and meaningful work in the digital era

DAY 2 | Wednesday, 28th October


An Interview with Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School

The dynamic of change in the post-COVID-19 era will combine new technologies, revised business priorities and shifting demographics leading to the 100 year life. But advances in technology and longevity have not been matched by supporting innovations to our social structures. Lynda Gratton looks at new leadership strategies as a path out of crisis.

No going back: How work has changed in ways that we've recognised (and not) in 2021

Work has transformed more than any of us felt possible in the last few months. But what are the long-term consequences? How can we build energised, positive productive workplaces. What does the future of workplace culture look like?


Panel Discussion

Expert Panel: Rethinking Traditional Workplace Models - Hybrid, Flex & Digital

Now is the time to rethink the traditional workplace. The Covid19 outbreak has ushered in a global WFH experiment that is driving dramatic adaptations in how and where people work. Post-Covid, a “new normal” workplace will persist, one that is increasingly reliant on distributed work mixed with office time. The hybrid approach in the future of work reflects how the lines of work and personal life are continuing to blur. This panel will discuss how different businesses across UK/EMEA are adapting to the new paradigms of work.

Future-proof workplace decisions in times of uncertainty: critical enablers to make flexibility in your workplace the new normal

Have you ever realized that many of the investment decisions you make now for your physical office space will either hold you back or push you forward for the next ten years? In this presentation, Vecos will show you the critical enablers to make your next decision future-proof. Including concrete examples of companies which have already realized such a future-proof workplace.

WELL HSR: the new global benchmark for healthy, safe facilities management

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all new and existing building and facility types focusing on operational policies, maintenance protocols, occupant engagement and emergency plans. WELL HSR is designed to empower owners and operators across large and small businesses alike to take the necessary steps to prioritize the health and safety of their employees, visitors and stakeholders, instilling confidence and trust in occupants and the broader community.

The Puzzle of Wellbeing : The future of Workplace Wellbeing in the Post-pandemic world.

Wellbeing was already rising up the business agenda before Covid-19. But what will it mean in the post-pandemic workplace? How will our attitudes and policies change? An expert panel drawn from design, positive psychology, ergonomics and employee engagement will explore the future of wellbeing. Convened by 360 Workplace, chaired by Dr Imogen Privett, Senior Research Fellow, Worktech Academy.


Global change and architecture's pivotal role in a post-pandemic world

Simon Allford, Architect and co-founder of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, and new president of the Royal Institute of British Architects in discussion with Jeremy Myerson, Director etc WTA. During this discussion Simon and Jeremy examine the global challenges we face, addressing subjects such as low carbon futures, sustainability, diversity in workplace, health, wellbeing and education, questioning whether architecture is part of the problem or the solution in our post pandemic world.


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