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New for 2020, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, we have made the exciting decision to transform our WORKTECH20 conference into a virtual event experience; bringing you a fantastic line-up of international expertise which will be conveniently accessible over the course of 72 hours from the comfort of your own home!

WORKTECH20 Tokyo is the virtual conference for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation.

The virtual event will go live on the 7th October at 08:00 and the content will be available to view for 72 hours until Saturday 10th October at 08:00. The content will cover a mix of strategy, technology, and property, to give business leaders an in-depth understanding of the future of workplace in these unprecedented times and the effect on business.

Our speakers will be leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries and will come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations, who will take a look at the future of work in and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Bruce Daisley

    Author of The Joy of Work & Eat Sleep Work Repeat and former VP, EMEA, Twitter

  • Lynda Gratton

    Professor of Management Practice, London Business School, Founder of the advisory practice HSM

  • Torin Douglas

    Writer, Speaker and Ex-BBC Media Correspondent

  • Koji Hayashi

    President, Panasonic LS Networks Co., Ltd.

  • Masaki Higashida

    Japan Country Manager – Commercial Operations, Humanyze

  • Mayumi Ishizaki

    Senior Researcher, Xymax

  • Despina Katsikakis

    Head of Occupier Business Performance, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Sir Stuart Lipton

    Partner, Lipton Rogers LLP

  • General Stanley A. McChrystal

    Partner & founder at the McChrystal Group, Former top commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan

  • Jeremy Myerson

    Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, RCA

  • Coen van Oostrom

    Founder & CEO of OVG Real Estate & EDGE

  • Philip Ross

    Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

  • Shotaro Yamashita

    Director, Work Style Research Lab, WORKSIGHT Magazine

  • Yuki Otomo

    Director, Integrated Systems, Shure Japan

Virtual Event Sessions

The New Normal?
Navigating the Post-Covid-19 Workplace
Jeremy Myerson, Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, RCA

In this session, the Chairman of WORKTECH Tokyo reviews what has been happening globally in work and workplace amid the coronavirus crisis. How are cities adapting? What future work strategies are companies adopting? Which technological developments have been accelerated?

The Forces Shaping the Future of Work
An Interview with Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School
Lynda Gratton
, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School, Founder of the advisory practice HSM & Jeremy Myerson, Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, RCA

The dynamic of change in the post-COVID-19 era will combine new technologies, revised business priorities and shifting demographics leading to the 100 year life. But advances in technology and longevity have not been matched by supporting innovations to our social structures. Lynda Gratton looks at new leadership strategies as a path out of crisis.

Leading an Organization Through the Uncertainty
General Stanley McChrystal, ex Head of US Armed Forces in Iraq, Partner & Founder, McChrystal Group and author of Team of Teams with Philip Ross, Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

Join Philip and General McChrystal as they share their perspectives on how to adjust to a changing paradigm and get the most of your teams during these trying and uncertain times.

How Smart Building Technology Can Help Offices Thrive Post COVID-19
Coen van Oostrom
, Founder & CEO, OVG Real Estate & EDGE with Philip Ross, Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

As COVID-19 continues to transform lives, our reliance on technology is becoming more and more apparent. And as social distancing and working remotely might become the norms, workplaces will have to be reshaped, using technologies that enable effective space optimisation for instance. Join us as we address the question of how we and our buildings will need to adapt and respond to the biggest challenges affecting the way we work. What will be most important considerations in managing human performance, engagement and change? We examine the latest case studies and new developments from around the globe. We look at ‘why Smart’… why it’s so important right now and what’s next for Real Estate.

Life in Lockdown: Good Work & Employee Wellbeing
Bruce Daisley
, author of best-selling books, The Joy of Work and Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat and Former VP, EMEA, Twitter and Torin Douglas, Writer, Speaker and Ex-BBC Media Correspondent

As we continue in the grips of COVID-19, and as employers and employees come to terms with new ways of working, how will business respond? Will we see the end of certain ways of working? Will the pandemic change the workplace for the long-term? How should leaders navigate their teams successfully through this period? With greater reliance on technology, how does this impact “wellbeing” and mental health concerns in both the workplace and beyond. Bruce Daisley and Torin Douglas examine the long-term impact on the careers and development of workers and what hiring (and erm, dismissing) looks like in this new world. And what is to be done, longer-term, to make working lives happier, less stressful and more fulfilling for all?

The Post COVID-19 World of Work
Sir Stuart Lipton
, Partner, Lipton Rogers LLP and
Despina Katsikakis, Head of Occupier Business Performance at Cushman & Wakefield with Philip Ross, Futurologist & CEO, Cordless Group & UNWORK

Join Sir Stuart Lipton, Despina Katsikakis and Philip Ross, 3 industry thought leaders who have spent their whole careers creating places for people. They examine where next for the Future of Work, looking at learnings from history, examining the broad reaching complexities of this current situation and discussing what the post COVID-19 workplace will look like and how organisations can begin to cope with a new normal.

Post COVID-19 Work Style.
– ABW is moving into the next phase –
Shotaro Yamashita, Director, Work Style Research Lab, WORKSIGHT Magazine

COVID-19 has changed the story of the work style/workplace so far. It shifted the emphasis from an emphasis on “proximity” between workers to an ABW-centric world based on the premise of “decentralization”.
However, Post COVID-19’s work style is not just traditional ABW.
Urban structures are changing, and workers, freed from the office, are dispersing their abilities to local communities, families, side hustles, hobbies, and various other directions.
What functions will be left in the office and the impact of the restructuring of the workforce on society will also be discussed.


Toward Post-Covid19 Workplace
Mayumi Ishizaki,
Senior Researcher, Xymax

With the Covid19 crisis, we are struggling to find values and solutions for the right workplace strategy. Does remote working really damage our productivity? We see how corporations are dealing based on our research.

Leveraging ONA to Drive Business – From productivity enhancement to the post-corona business preparation
Masaki Higashida, Japan Country Manager – Commercial Operations, Humanyze & Koji Hayashi,
President, Panasonic LS Networks Co., Ltd.

Some Japanese companies started embarking on big data analytics in HR but few have managed to harness the intelligence to make their business more productive. This presentation covers best practices and lessons learned for using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to improve your ROI in data analytics.

Make Connections Feel Effortless – ‘Hear and be heard’
Yuki Otomo
, Director, Integrated Systems, Shure Japan Limited

In post-COVID19 circumstances, what does it take for drawing out a better outcome from meetings? Meeting environment is now getting one of the key factors in which productivity and efficiency are demanded in the context of work style innovation. You will find what problems in ‘sound’ you really experience in meeting spaces and will be inspired by latest technological efforts towards those problems.



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