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    Work Reimagined - Putting Humans at The Centre of The New Workplace

    This session will explore the results of EY’s Work Reimagined Study 2021 of more than 16,000 employees in 16 countries. The study outlines how new ways of working, family responsibilities and a number of other factors have shifted workers’ priorities. This has driven them to demand flexibility in where and…

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    Is Remote Work The New Normal?

    In 2020, the majority of the world’s workforce went remote. This “State of Remote Work 2021” projects future flexible workplace rates, and what impact the hypergrowth of remote will have on our global socioeconomics.

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    Expert Panel: Return to Work Technology & Solutions

    In this panel, we will consider the role technology can play in helping organisations respond to the challenges returning to the workplace will present. From sensors and spatial intelligence to smart and autonomous cleaning solutions, we will explore the latest innovative technology tools and solutions that will help organisations make…

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    Best Practices for Transitioning To Hybrid Workplace

    How businesses adopt hybrid working will not only define the initial success in bringing their people back to work, but also, help stay relevant in the future and harness the benefits of transitioning to a hybrid workplace. Join this discussion if you want to learn from the experience of businesses…

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    Expert Panel- The Workplace Guide To Resource Management & The Return to Work Agenda

    The world now has a renewed focus on the costs and wastes associated with business. As part of the return to the office strategy, we will need new technology to measure and book spaces as well as other data to provide a safe and secure environment. This panel will share…


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