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    Have You Missed The Boat - Rapid Deployment of an Employee Experience and Smart Building Solution

    Did you plan to implement a workplace employee experience solution but just never got around to doing it? The new normal workplace is about collaboration and social – this means that employees need an easy-to-use solution to reserve their desk before they leave home and to find free spaces and…

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    Technology Innovation Transforming the Workplace

    The new workplace is not the fixed environment of the past, there are fewer walls, fewer offices, more open space and a variety of different workspace types, all designed to facilitate and enable the activities people need to do. Successfully transforming the workplace and the workforce experience requires smart technology….

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    Designing Smart Offices in the New Era of Work

    Join industry thought leaders Kevin Kern, Kay Sargent and Philip Ross as they examine how to design smart offices of the future in the post COVID-19 world. They will explore fundamental challenges posed by the pandemic and share insights into the trends they see coming around the design of the…

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    Applied Intelligence and Designing For The Future

    The future of work is not just about AI, automation and The Singularity. It’s also about getting the most value out of human qualities that computers can’t emulate -the desire to explore, to create, to play. It’s a future in which technologies and humans interact to discover brave new worlds,…

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    How To Think Like A Futurist

    The future of work can often feel uncertain and complex. Emerging technologies, cultural changes, geopolitical conflicts, climate disruptions and shifting economies can feel overwhelming and bleak. But what if you could think like a futurist, exploring a range of possible and potential futures? What if you had the ability to…


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