Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

Conferences Opens

Data-Driven Workplace Strategies and Transformations

Is your organisation using the right tools and metrics to influence innovations in workplace strategy? We explore how identifying and utilising the most pertinent data sets can help take actions which result in more productive, engaged and motivated team members. Hear examples of data-driven cultures as well as new technologies and innovations helping leading organisations deliver best workplace practice in Amsterdam and beyond.

The Shifting Landscape of Organizational Dynamics: Navigating AI Disruption

How is the use of generative AI changing knowledge and creative work in your organisation? Marleen & Jana join us at WORKTECH from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation to share new research into how the use of AI is impacting traditional knowledge ties between peers, what the long-term consequences are for organisational dynamics, and how business leaders can prepare for these implications and future-proof their workforce.

Workplace with a Twist: The Global Perspective

Gensler has been measuring how people work, space effectiveness, and what employees value in workplace experience since 2005 across 14,000 office workers in ten countries and three continents. New data shows what's changed over time and identifies global commonalities and unique differences by country, industry and key performance indicators such as innovation, commitment and engagement. Philip will uncover some interesting shifts in how people are working and their expectations for the future workplace.

Coffee and Networking Break

Workplace Experience

Companies are accelerating plans to invest in new technology, creating flexible and functional working environments. We will examine the latest workplace technologies and innovations that will support workplace experience, distributed working, and the built environment in 2024 onwards.

To Hybrid Or Not To Hybrid? Planning The Office Of The Future In A Time Of Change

Uber's journey to its new headquarters at Tripolis Park in Amsterdam encapsulates the contemporary challenge of redefining the office space amidst ever-evolving work dynamics. This case study explores the decision-making process behind the location selection, occupancy strategies, design principles, and metrics for success. Join Belinda as she shares how, by embracing innovative hybrid strategies, sustainability certifications like WELL and BREEAM, and employee-centric design principles, Uber sets a precedent for organisations seeking to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Flight To Quality: Thinking Real Estate

With unprecedented levels of uncertainty shaping the landscape of the CRE market, a shift has emerged, characterized by a notable absence of significant asset movement. Companies, rather than embarking on traditional real estate investments, are increasingly opting to refurbish and refit. This session explores how best to navigate an ever-evolving business environment, with emphasis on the integration of energy optimisation and smart solutions.

Elevating The Workplace Experience: Where Structure Meets Humanity

In this dynamic panel discussion, cross-functional industry experts will spotlight active and newly completed workplace projects, exploring key considerations for attracting and retaining top talent, crafting hospitality-driven workplace experiences, and aligning workplace developments with sustainable and responsible business practices. Learn how these organisations draw inspiration from international sites, fostering a workplace that seamlessly integrates structure, culture and humanity.

Networking Lunch Break & Innovations Expo

Think Tank Sessions

An interactive and collaborative session for us to come together to discuss and share insights from the day's presentations, while also providing an opportunity for networking and socialising. Delegates are divided into small groups, taking turns sharing insights, reflections, and opinions on these topics:

- Data For Change: Thriving In The Modern Workplace

- Magnetising The Built Environment

- Talent Of The Future And The New Employee Value Proposition

Peak Performance: Designing The Future Of Work For Exceptional Individuals

Join us as we delve into the latest research, methodologies, and innovations that empower individuals to reach and sustain their highest levels of performance. From cultivating a culture of continuous improvement to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our conference aims to provide a platform for thought leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts to exchange insights and strategies for unlocking peak performance in the workplace

Expert Panel: Workplace Pilots: Navigating New Metrics & Measurements Of Success

Explore innovative approaches to creating and measuring flexible and adaptable workspaces and smart environments that enhance employee well-being, productivity, and engagement in this enlightening and dynamic discussion. The panel's focus will be on sharing priorities, introducing pilots, and highlighting the wins, the surprises, and the learnings so far.

More Earth, Less Rocket: A Metaphor for Better Balance in a Rapidly Changing World

Riding the waves of a rapidly changing world requires anchoring into principles that stand the test of time. In this light-hearted and interactive talk about aiming for better balance across organisations and industries, Kelly explores why continuing to lean more into feminine principles could be what allows us to achieve that balance, and stay healthier in the long term as a result.

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