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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from a people, place and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.



Welcome from Moderator

Peter has spent his entire career in FM and Workplace Experience. With more than 20 years with the ISS Group, Peter has been involved in most aspects of Service Management, Facility Management, Outsourcing, Marketing and Strategy Development. He is the author of nine industry White Papers and co-author/editor of three White Books as part of the ISS 2020 Vision Series on the future of FM, developed in a collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. Peter is a former trustee at the IFMA Foundation and he is actively involved in the Industry as both speaker and debater.

The New World of Work: Challenges & Emerging Trends

The pandemic has been a catalyst of re-shaping and re-thinking a new world of work. We examine what’s on the horizon for the future of work, looking at how business leaders should respond and what should they prioritise in the months ahead? We will start the conference with some essential insights to help you navigate today’s challenges and start to prepare for the future.

Micro Metropolis

Successful cities have always been places of intense interaction, diversity and innovation. Their forms and landmarks shape culture and allow communities to live, work, learn, develop and evolve side by side. Can we learn from the spaces, places and features of cities to design more healthy, supportive, collaborative, innovative and productive workplaces? Showing projects by Zaha Hadid Architects, Uli Blum will present how past, present and future cities can provide valuable lessons and become a role model for the post Covid workplaces from tiny spaces to vast new live-work city structures.

The State of the Workplace

In this session, Philip Ross will share how marginal ideas have become mainstream and by sharing an overview of emerging trends and latest innovations shaping the world of work, he will paint a portrait of the transforming landscape and share tools on how companies can embrace the New World of Work to create new paradigms for workplace.


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Workplace Experience – a new reality

How we engage with technology, space and each other is changing. Companies are accelerating plans to invest in new technology and environments. We examine what the post pandemic workplace experience will look like in 2021 and beyond.

The Inside Track: Taking a Leap of Faith Into The New Workplace Reality

What happened next? After a wave of announcements on the future of work, how are organizations implementing these new measures. That’s the question regularly asked following Siemens’ decision to allow 140,000 employees, at 125 locations, in 43 countries, the chance to work flexibly two to three days a week.
This session examines the reality of delivering a global work from anywhere model and how this was interpreted differently to suit local operational and cultural needs, along with the measures to make it possible.

From Facility Management to Workplace Experience

Workplaces have undergone a dramatic transformation the past twenty years and is today a significant strategic tool for businesses way to enhance their brand and the employee value proposition. In this talk Jens will go through the development of workplaces and how FM providers have shifted their perspective from “delivering functioning work environments to service users” to “supporting their customers in offering great user experiences”.

Sound Ideas: Aligning Acoustics And Productivity For The New World of Work

New research explores the future of employee communication and the role of voice in an increasingly hybrid workforce. Flexible new ways of working have opened a wealth of opportunities for organisations to reimagine how their workplace could meet the workforce demands. Whilst, an exciting and unique moment for companies looking to create a more agile and resilient approach to the future of work, it does not come without its challenges.

Innovation Showcase


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People Centred Workplaces: Cultivating Culture & Engagement

How can companies make the office an attractive proposition to employees who now have more choice in where and how they work? We examine the post pandemic impact on work, space, buildings and the effects on employee and company productivity and well-being, behaviour and culture.

Case Study: EY and New Hybrid Work Model

Claus shares EY’s journey to a new Hybrid Work model. The blending of digital and physical workplace and design of workplace behaviours to enable the new hybrid working models. He also shares some great Nordic case studies to illustrate including examples of EY’s first carbon-negative office in Porsgrunn, Norway, a first wooden “plyscraper” office under construction in Drammen, Norway and how they work to innovate new digital solutions to support people with workplace decisions based on behavioral data and AI.

Case Study: Lego Group’s “Best of Both” Hybrid Working Model

Tim explores the post-pandemic world of work and LEGO Group’s “Best of Both” hybrid working model. He shares what that means for workspace experience, including insights from their new HQ which is due to open Spring 2022.

Panel Debate | The New Nordic Workplace

The purpose of the office has changed. As we begin returning to offices around the globe, there are endless possibilities to help achieve the best new way to work. Hybrid Working is the term on everyone's lips but for many, big questions remain unanswered; How do you bring the workforce back into the office? and What should that office look like?


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Workplace Revolution

The Healthy Office Revolution is SMART

Her unconventional keynote discusses everything from sex and drugs to happy hormones and designing spaces for each unique individual. Now the Co-Founder of Smart Building Certification, Elizabeth is bringing a diverse group of experts to help move the evolution of smart buildings forward. Smart has the ability to help create creative solutions from data to make our buildings more functional, sustainable, cost effective and healthier, more collaborative spaces for the people inside.

Closing keynote: Navigating the Post-pandemic Workplace Revolution

In this keynote, Jeff explores how understanding the interplay between work, workforce, and workplace and the implications on workplace strategy will be crucial. And also how, as managers of the built environment, we must anticipate systemic and disruptive change that will ultimately affect how we access talent, the stability of our value networks and access to markets.

Closing Remarks

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WORKTECH speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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