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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge technologies and trends tools for the future of work. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place.


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Engineering the Future of Employee Experiences

Employee Experience is at the forefront of the C-Suite agenda like never before. 59% of employees desire hybrid working, but despite increasingly flexible work policies, organisations continue to face unprecedent rates of burn out, and colleagues feel more disconnected than ever. Far more is needed to retain and attract talent, a true future workplace experience will separate the good from the great. In this session, Accenture will detail their Employee Experience Architecture framework for engineering next-generation employee experiences across the workforce, workspace and workplace.

The How-To of Employee Experience: The Behavioural Trump Card to Foster Belonging at Work

The great resignation is far from over. To curb its scale, leaders are thinking about how to develop a sense of belonging among employees. Indeed, developing a sense of belonging at work not only increases cohesion among employees but it also gives employees a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. And one of the best conduits to achieve this is through the employee experience. Hence, we will explore, through a behavioural science lens, how companies can foster a best-in-class employee experience that puts belonging as its foundation.

Expert Panel: Humanising Buildings

A great workspace is about more than just beautiful views, modern interior design, and advanced technology. Truly humanised buildings focus on the end-to-end experience, delivering healthy, productive workspaces that connect people and bring together the best an organisation has to offer. This session explores how the use of IoT lays the groundwork for data-driven and human-centric workspace design.

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Implementing a Smart Building Solution in Our 500+ Offices Worldwide, to Save 40M$+ per year

To make data driven decisions on the optimization of their portfolio of more than 500 offices worldwide, Capgemini implemented a smart building solution based on LoRaWan technology and sensors. The real-time sensor data also enables their employees to easily find free desks or rooms. Today contract renewals result in an average decrease of 10% in floorspace, which saves Capgemini more than 50M$ per year.

AV trends in the Brave New Hybrid World

Digital equality is a real challenge to address in the hybrid working world. Director of Multimedia and Infrastructure, Mike Halliday, considers whether hybrid is here to stay and shines a light on the evolving role of AV in the balance of experience, flexibility and choice from one-to-one meetings up to full scale live events. As part of this session, Mike will touch on the key trends discussed at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe event in Barcelona.

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Expert Panel: Workplace Experience

Our expert panel will discuss emerging technologies and trends set to re-shape enterprise and the way we work.

The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations

Hybrid is a complex new model which constitutes a fundamental challenge to how we will work in the future. In this new scene-setting whitepaper, Poly in partnership with WORKTECH Academy trace the contours of this emerging landscape by examining twelve key things that companies will need to consider on the journey to hybrid working.

Digital Safari

Philip will provide an overview of emerging technologies and trends that are shaping the new world of work, by sharing cutting edge case studies from around the world. What tools, technologies and strategies are organisations adopting to embrace hybrid working and the new normal?

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