Kasia Maynard

Researcher / Writer for WORKTECH Academy

+44(0)20 89 77 89 20

Kasia is a writer and researcher with WORKTECH Academy. Before joining Unwired, Kasia trained as a multimedia journalist with the Press Association and wrote across a series of magazine publications. She has a keen interest in architecture, design and the influence of space on human behaviour. She is intrigued by new technologies and keeps up with the latest tech trends – despite being slightly illiterate with her own technological devices.

The blend between tech, people and space is a sphere Kasia takes particular interest in, and she enjoys visiting the latest workplace innovations – this often leads to her politely inviting herself into some of the most innovative workplaces in the world.

Aside from the world of work, Kasia enjoys playing netball (standing at a cool 6ft1 it’s practically a requirement), she also enjoys travelling and reading, and has occasional bursts of cultural curiosity which lead her to various museums and galleries on a rainy Saturday.