WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Apps, in partnership with Locatee, Spica Technologies, Smart Spaces, and iOffice, takes an in-depth look at the top workplace apps on the market today, profiling 18 best-in-class workplace app vendors.

The benefits of a successful workplace app are clear to see, as they increase efficiencies and enhance the workplace experience, but for businesses looking to reap these rich rewards, there are a number of key strategic decisions to make.

WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Apps helps streamline this process, outlining the core functions and the unique characteristics in profiles of the leading, most innovative players in the market today.

Each Workplace app vendor profile gives a detailed analysis of the vendor including their key features and competitive differentiators.

The Guide describes key solutions active in the field, providing indispensable insights into the technologies that will increasingly shape the new world of work

We recognise that professionals are faced with an ever-increasing number of responsibilities, projects and challenges and rarely have the time to truly get to grips with all the different workplace solutions they’re tasked with selecting, especially as the landscape is constantly shifting and evolving.

We’ve created WORTECH Guides to provide property professionals with the essential tools to make informed and smart decisions about their workplace strategies.

WORKTECH Guides are the definitive ‘Who’s Who’ series in workplace technology listing the most innovative, best-in-class vendors within five critical areas of the smart workplace:

  • Utilisation Technology
  • Resource Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Workplace Apps
  • Workplace Innovation

Created and compiled using the latest in-depth and extensive industry research, WORKTECH Guides are an essential resource for all workplace professionals. To keep WORKTECH Guides fresh and relevant, they are reissued to purchasers and WORKTECH Academy Members bi-annually to provide the most up-to-date market information.

WORKTECH Guides are published by WORKTECH Academy.

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