The WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Apps, in partnership with CXAI, offers a comprehensive insight into the key vendors developing best-in-class workplace apps.

Designed for decision-makers, this guide equips you with the essential information to confidently embark on your workplace app journey and invest in new technologies. In a rapidly expanding market, identifying key players and advancements can be challenging.

This Guide illuminates the sector, serving as a crucial resource for workplace professionals navigating the world of workplace apps.


The WORKTECH Guides are the ultimate ‘Who’s Who’ in workplace technology, showcasing the top, best-in-class, vendors in five key areas of the smart workplace:

– Workplace Apps
– Workplace Sensors
– Visitor Management
– Booking Systems
– Experience Technology

Each guide, created through extensive industry research, offers a comprehensive vendor directory with detailed company information, descriptions, and technical specifications.

We understand that professionals face a multitude of responsibilities and challenges, making it difficult to stay updated with the latest workplace solutions. The WORKTECH Guides are designed to help you make informed, strategic decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Published by WORKTECH Academy
In collaboration with global workplace consultancy, UnWork.