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    Salesforce Case Study

    Salesforce Tower at Sydney Place, a new office tower in the heart of the city is set to reinvigorate its surrounding urban precinct that forms part of Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay.

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    Southworks Case Study Worlds Smartest Building

    Southworks is the first building in the UK to be evaluated using the Smart Building Certification framework – it uses state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency, support hybrid work models and reduce points of friction for occupiers and guests. The highly innovative building is embedded with IoT technology that measures environmental…

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    The Super Experience

    As the ante is upped in providing more and better workplace experiences, so we are entering the era of Super Experience. This session explores the impact of Experience Design on the property industry and offers tips on activating the Super Experience. These include taking a people first approach, offering a…

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    The Vision for London's Vertical Village

    Sir Stuart Lipton has been at the forefront of innovation, place-making, planning and industry leadership, and at the centre of creating a large proportion of London’s most iconic developments. Sir Stuart will open the event by sharing the original vision for 22 Bishopsgate – the most eagerly anticipated addition to…

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    Uniqlo City- Facilitating Cultural Change in the Creative Workplace - Case Study

    Uniqlo City- Facilitating Cultural Change in the Creative Workplace –  Thea von Geldern, Associate Principal, Allied Works Architecture – Using Uniqlo City, Fast Retailing’s new global headquarters in Tokyo as a case study, Thea will discuss design strategies, core principles and tailored solutions that have helped the company transform the…