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We are delighted to announce that in addition to the conference day on October 7th you will also be able to join us on Tuesday, October 8th for the WORKTECH Lounge, an exclusive afternoon event hosted at Steelcase WorkLife Center, 4 Columbus Circle, New York.

The afternoon will feature Book Digests from three workplace authors; Philip Ross, Dr. Anna Tavis and Dr. Tracy Brower, exploring themes from their books; Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office, The Digital Coaching Revolution: How to Support Employee Development with Coaching Tech and The Secrets to Happiness at Work respectively, plus discussions and networking at Steelcase’s showcase WorkLife Center, overlooking Central Park.

Due to limited ticket availability, admission is through an application process (Tickets priced from $179)

Apply for your ticket(s) here

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain insights and connect with industry leaders.


Philip Ross is the Founder and CEO of UnGroup and Cordless Group, renowned for his expertise in workplace innovation and design. In his book, Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office, Ross explores how the traditional office is being transformed to meet the demands of the modern workforce. He provides insights into emerging trends, technologies, and practices that are reshaping the way we work, emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and well-being. Ross’s visionary approach offers a blueprint for creating dynamic and adaptive work environments that cater to the needs of today’s employees and organizations.

Dr. Tracy Brower is the VP of Workplace Insight at Steelcase and an accomplished author. In her book, The Secrets to Happiness at Work, Brower delves into the key factors that contribute to workplace happiness and fulfillment. She examines how purpose, connections, and a sense of belonging impact employee well-being and productivity. Brower offers practical advice and actionable strategies for individuals and organizations to create a more positive and engaging work environment. Her insights are grounded in extensive research and real-world examples, making this book a valuable guide for anyone seeking to enhance happiness and success at work.

Dr. Anna Tavis is the Department Chair at NYU SPS and a Clinical Professor of Human Capital Management. In her book, The Digital Coaching Revolution: How to Support Employee Development with Coaching Tech, Tavis explores the transformative impact of digital coaching technologies on employee development. She provides a comprehensive guide on leveraging coaching tech to enhance performance, foster growth, and support career advancement. Tavis’s insights offer practical strategies for integrating digital coaching into organizational practices, making it an essential resource for leaders looking to optimize their talent management and development processes.


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