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Conference Agenda

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

Conference Agenda

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The New World of Work: Challenges and Emerging Trends

The pandemic has been a catalyst of re-shaping and re-thinking a new world of work. We examine what’s on the horizon for the future of work, looking at how business leaders should respond and what should they prioritise in the months ahead.

Designing for the Future: the Impact of Ai on Workplace Design

There has been an explosion of interest and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, with AI used to support design ideation and space planning. In this talk, AI pioneer Uli Blum of Zaha Hadid Analytics + Insights, will discuss the trends in AI usage across workplace design utilising his own insights and experience of using AI tools at Zaha Hadid Architects to reflect upon how AI can transform the workplace design process for good.

Work Panorama 2024

Raphael will explore how the fourth industrial revolution—marked by AI, robotics, and the Internet of Things—is reshaping industries, boosting productivity, and creating new job opportunities while challenging workforce adaptation and skill requirements. He explores how to understand the evolving landscape of work and how to navigate its complexities effectively providing insights from global companies, start-ups, universities and research institutions.

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Workplace Experience

Companies are accelerating plans to invest in new technology, create flexible working environments and make the office a destination. We examine the latest workplace technologies and innovations that will support workplace experience and the built environment in 2024 and beyond.

Case Study: Uniper’s NEW WORK and Digital Transformation

Uniper, a leading energy company headquartered in Düsseldorf with 12,000 employees, embarked on its journey towards New Work and digital transformation in 2020. Timo and Patrick share the experiences and challenges faced along the way. They will discuss their strategic approach, how they overcame obstacles, and provide background on the corporate complexities and decision-making processes.

Powering culture through connection: GetYourGuide’s in-person first approach

How can you authentically foster global collaboration and cultural alignment? Leading Travel experience platform GetYourGuide that helps travelers discover and book travel experiences across 10,000 cities globally, shares their approach in bringing its product of creating unforgettable experiences to its culture. Rooted in clear guiding principles, meaningful connections, and a shared mission Stephanie examines how to drive team member engagement and personal growth.

Expert Panel: Re-shaping the Way we Work

In the age of the “anywhere office”, people, place and technology will play a more vital role than ever. It is now crucial for businesses to understand how people are using workspaces with technologies that will keep teams connected, organised and with an enhanced experience. Our expert panel shares how some of the largest and most innovative global companies revolutionise how they use technology and how they attract and retain talent.

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People Centred Workplaces: Cultivating Culture and Engagement

How can companies make the office an attractive proposition to employees who now have more choice in where and how they work? We examine the post pandemic impact on work, space, buildings and the effects on employee and company productivity and well-being, behaviour and culture

Unleashing Power in the Workplace: Food

Adriana will take you behind the scenes of Lieferando / Just Eat and demonstrate the effect of food on both employees and the company's ROI. She will deep dive and question the overload of benefits as well as the importance of taking the individuality of each employee into account. With different use cases and testimonials, she offers insight into the power of food and its potential in the workplace.

Transforming Legal Workplace: Culture, Hybrid and AI

This dynamic presentation and panel discussion delves into the intricacies of legal workplace design and culture in Germany and the UK covering:

Cultural Exchange, Hybrid Evolution and AI and Regulation

Expert Panel: Future of Workplace - Employee Engagement and Regaining Control

Industry experts discuss shifts to more data-driven approaches to workplace design, collaborations across hybrid teams, and the evolving priorities of leaders within the industry. How is the industry responding to the future of work in the long-term? And what can we learn from these large organisations about how to create cohesive teams across different geographical locations?

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The New Workplace Revolution

What does the future of work and workplace look like? What strategies are organisations adopting and what is the impact on the built environment and commercial real estate?

Workplace with a Twist

Gensler has been measuring how people work, space effectiveness, and what employees value in workplace experience since 2005 across 14,000 office workers in 10 countries and 3 continents. New data shows what’s changed over time and identifies global commonalities and unique differences by country, by industry, and by key performance indicators such as innovation, commitment, and engagement. As employees return, the survey examined how and where people were working, why people were going to the office, what’s working/not, and what’s missing.

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