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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings together thought leaders to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people, place and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place.

Spanning two days and multiple locations, our festival format gives you the opportunity to explore the future technologies revolutionising the modern office, experience cutting edge award-winning workplaces, and understand the challenges of delivering workplace experience true to brand, culture and people.

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The New World of Work: Challenges & Emerging Trends

The pandemic has been a catalyst both re-shaping and re-thinking a new world of work. We examine what’s on the horizon for the future of work, looking at how business leaders should respond and what should they prioritise in the months ahead.

The Future is Here

Ajay will explore the transformative impact of the latest advancements in technology and AI, heralding a new tech revolution. This revolution will profoundly affect every individual and industry, from healthcare to finance and beyond. As we stand on the cusp of this unprecedented change, companies and individuals must adapt to survive and thrive. Embrace the future by understanding how these innovations will redefine our world and prepare to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. The future is not just approaching; it is already here.

Managing Workplace Experience: Lessons from Retail

The digital world has revolutionised how consumers shop. Digital retailers have rethought the customer experience across channels and devices, and have empowered the customer. With retail much further down the digital transformation road, what lessons can other businesses learn? How can real estate leaders reimagine workplace? How can we seek to improve workplace experiences in hybrid work-from-home models?

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Transforming the Workplace: Technology and Experience

With rapid advancement in cutting-edge technologies and the cultivation of flexible working environments, the modern office is evolving into a dynamic destination. We explore the forefront of this innovation and technology and examine how it is shaping the workplace experience and built environment. We will dress how it is enhancing productivity, fostering employee engagement, and creating smarter, more responsive workspaces that meet the demands of the future workforce.

GSK: Building One of the Heathiest Workplaces in the world

Hear how a programme of scientific sprints to develop future ready workplace design standards and their fundamental metrics are helping GSK create one of the world’s healthiest workplaces in the world. Chris will share innovative ways to measure previously unquantifiable aspects of the workplace, putting employee wellbeing and cognitive performance at the heart of decision making. Hear about the holistic measurement using smart wearables, mood questionnaires through pulse surveys and cognitive health and performance through state-of-the-art app technology.

The Metrics That Matter: Driving Workplace Success in 2024

Have you got workplace analysis paralysis? You’re not alone. In this session, we explore the workplace metrics that matter and offer guidance on using data to drive transformative workplace change in 2024. Using case studies and learnings from workplace teams, we examine: current UK workplace utilisation trends and benchmark what they reveal about our changing strategic priorities in CRE; the metrics that actually matter to a successful hybrid workplace; and how to successfully balance ‘the art and science’ of successful hybrid workplace.

Expert Panel Debate: Workplace Innovations in the UK/European Real Estate Landscape

In this dynamic panel discussion, experts spotlight learnings from projects at critical stages of development exploring key considerations for attracting top talent, crafting hospitality-driven workplace experiences and aligning workplace developments with sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Stream One: Data and Tech

Expert Panel Debate: Workplace Innovation – Data, Sensors and Benchmarking

This dynamic panel explores the transformative impact of data, sensors, and benchmarking in the modern workplace. Industry experts discuss how the integration of advanced sensors and data analytics is revolutionising operational efficiency, employee productivity, and business strategies. The panel will explore the role of benchmarking in setting performance standards, driving continuous improvement, and fostering a culture of innovation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging these technologies to create smarter, more responsive work environments.

The Application of Data in Designing Better Workplace Experience

This session showcases how data can reactivate the office in a hybrid working world and drive effective utilisation. It explores how best to invoke positive change in the workplace and how to leverage and action the right workplace data to unlock the path to more engaging, activated office with an improved workplace experience.

Stream Two: Design and Experience

Shaping Tomorrow: The Future of Work for Underrepresented Groups

As we move forward into a new era of work, how does future workplace look for women, racial and ethnic minorities (and people with disabilities and neurodivergences)? This session will explore how organisations can build more inclusive workplaces to ensure the future of work works for us all.

People Centred Workplaces: Cultivating Culture & Engagement

How can companies make the office an attractive proposition to employees who now have more choice in where and how they work?  We examine the post pandemic impact on work, space, buildings and the effects on employee and company productivity and well-being, behaviour and culture

Human-Centred Workplace Experience

Christoph Rogge and Filipa de Albuquerque from Roche explore the complexities of delivering a workplace experience that aligns with brand and culture. Roche, known for its scientific rigour, has adopted an experimental approach to measuring work and workplace dynamics. We will delve into how the Company measures and captures relevant data, focusing on employee cost efficiency, space efficiency, and sustainability. This session will highlight their challenges and innovations in experimenting with IT tools, people, space, and behaviour.

Expert Panel Debate: Future Workplace - Employee Engagement & Regaining Control

Industry experts discuss shifts to more data-driven approaches to workplace design, collaborations across hybrid teams, and the evolving priorities of leaders within the industry. How is the industry responding to the future of work in the long-term? And what can we learn from these large organisations about how to create cohesive teams across different geographical locations?

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The New World of Work Revolution

What does the future of work and workplace look like? What strategies are organisations adopting and what is the impact on the built environment and commercial real estate?

Revolutionising Workplace Efficiency: The Future of Mobile Access Control

Hear how new workplaces have successfully enabled employees to use their own devices as digital badges through Apple Wallet, to gain seamless and secure building access, improve efficiency and user experience. Leveraging NFC technology, users tap their devices on readers for instant access, even when their devices are in power reserve mode. Using SwiftConnect and HID technology, the integration simplifies obtaining and managing building credentials, enhancing security and convenience for employees and guests.

Future Tech: Reimagining the Workplace with AI

This session provides insights into the latest technologies including Microsoft Places and what it all means for new ways of working. How will it support workplace experience, improve employee connections and optimise workplace based on changing employee needs?

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