The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.


Conference Opens

Thought Leadership Sessions

Transforming Workspaces: The Power of Collaboration between Technology and Real Estate

Explore the intersection of technology and real estate in this session as Lewis Love, Visa’s SVP of Corporate Services and Don Hobson Visa’s CIO, delve into strategic alignment, successful collaborations and the impact of emerging technologies on workspace design.

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Optimizing Talent Strategy within the Evolving Workplace Landscape

Our expert panel will tackle the crucial intersection of talent and workplace strategies. We'll explore key topics such as the evolving workplace landscape, adaptable talent acquisition and retention strategies, technology's role, and fostering diversity and inclusion. Attendees will gain insights into the strategies, tools, and best practices that can help organizations successfully navigate the evolving world of work and create workplaces that attract, engage, and retain top talent.

When Atoms Meet Bits

This fireside chat will explore the 2023 Accenture technology trends report and its relevance to the evolving workplace. “When Atoms Meet Bits” is the guiding idea behind this year’s report, exploring how we live in two parallel, but distinct, worlds: the digital and the physical. Many of the difficulties enterprises are encountering are rooted in how these worlds conflict with one another, but emerging technology like Generative AI and Spatial computing is paving a new way forward.

Coffee Break and Networking

Looking to Build Better Workplace Experiences? Rethink your Investment in Data

Keeping your workplace portfolio agile in any economy requires you to anticipate problems – from building services to employee experience – and to take action in real time. Property managers and their tenants are turning to workplace data for actionable insights. This session will explore the complex job of workplace forecasting, and how a 360-view through analytics can help optimize buildings or standalone offices for security, efficiencies, and great experiences.

Expert Panel: Priorities, Pilots & Podiums

In this compelling panel, you will join esteemed global senior leaders from VISA, Samsara, Airbnb, and Uber to delve into their experiences in reimagining the work experience worldwide, particularly in the post-pandemic landscape. Together, you will explore the initiatives they have championed and witnessed. The panel's focus will be on sharing priorities, introducing pilots, and highlighting the wins, the surprises, and the learnings so far.

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Failing Forward: A Workplace Experiment Focused on the Design, Operations and Logistics Required to Support the Way People Are Working Now

This experiment summary highlights the design, operations, and logistics of a workspace that is optimized for human interaction. We explore the hypothesis that flexible, responsive, diverse solutions are critical to addressing evolving workplace demands. We'll share an overview of the design experiment, along with lessons learned and meaningful takeaways that can be applied to a variety of workspaces.

Optimizing Workplace ROI through Occupancy Data

From occupancy & traffic sensors to data analytics, attendees will discover strategies to maximize ROI by aligning workspace strategies with evolving business needs, ultimately cultivating productivity and organizational success. The talk will revolve around Qualcomm’s approach to innovative workspaces, and will explore how Qualcomm is currently deploying Butlr’s occupancy sensors to drive actionable insights, optimize workspace utilization, and enhance employee satisfaction. This case study will exemplify the tangible benefits of data-driven workplace optimization.

Creating Connection: Fostering Community and Engagement Through Corporate Events

The Shifting Workplace: From Cost Center to Competitive Advantage

Lunch Break and Networking

Creativity in the Balance: Why It's Imperative to Design for Connection at Work

Humans are wired for connection. The strength of our social connections influences our wellbeing, and, in turn, our creative output, as individuals and as groups. Leaders who want to foster a creative and resilient workforce — one that can navigate uncertainty together, while creating business results — understand that connection is a business imperative. Discover what we're learning at Adobe through our experimental Lab82 program, where we're testing new approaches to fostering connection at work — both in-person and remotely.

Revisiting the Club Workplace

If we conceive of the future workplace as a fully-distributed ecosystem, one which takes the monolithic footprint of the hub office and disperses it across a broad range of alternative spaces, there’s an exciting opportunity to imagine – or re-imagine, for some – the role of the Club workplace. In this session, we’ll first define what constitutes the modern Club, after which we’ll explore its ability to combine the work-oriented spaces of the Hub with new space typologies that address wellness, sustainability, and community resilience.

Coffee Break and Networking

Think Tank Discussions

Think Tank Sessions

Join our interactive think tank discussion groups, where we explore the future of work's most compelling topics. Alongside, keynote presentations and expert panel discussions from industry experts, we are excited to be introducing a new thinktank session into our program.

Think Tank

Magnetising The Built Environment

San Francisco has long been seen as an early indicator of change. Post-pandemic has brought a different set of challenges: high vacancy rates in commercial and residential real estate, organizations and people relocating to less expensive destinations, retail exiting, private and business tourism on decline. What can the workplace community do to attract the workforce back to the physical space and magnetize the built environment to counter these headwinds. Urban revitalization.

Think Tank

New Paradigms of Work

The post-pandemic era has given rise to new paradigms of work, including decentralized teams and flexible schedules. How can organizations proactively adapt to this "post-peak" office era and ensure that their workplaces remain conducive to collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being?

Think Tank

Talent of the Future and the New Employee Value Prop

Let’s delve into strategies for attracting, retaining, and harnessing the potential of tomorrow's workforce including innovative approaches that bridge organizational needs with the aspirations of the next generation of employees

More Earth, Less Rocket: a Metaphor for Better Balance in a Rapidly Changing World

Riding the waves of a rapidly changing world requires anchoring into principles that stand the test of time. In this light-hearted and interactive talk about aiming for better balance across organisations
and industries, Kelly explores why continuing to lean more into feminine principles could be what allows us to achieve that balance, and stay healthier in the long term as a result.

Conference Closes

Walk & Talk - Hike Laurel Wood

Are you ready to connect, collaborate, and stride towards the future of work? Lace up your walking shoes and join us for an engaging Walk & Talk networking session at the scenic Laurel Wood Park. This is your chance to seamlessly blend professional networking with the rejuvenating power of nature. Whether you're passionate about real estate, HR, workplace design, or IT innovations, this Walk & Talk event provides the perfect setting to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones.


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