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We’re delighted to announce that WORKTECH23 Madrid will be hosted at Accenture!

Hybrid spaces, humanization of work, new forms of relationships with stakeholders, sustainability as a new paradigm… The office has ceased to be solely a place for work or meetings, to become a space full of opportunities to innovate, relate or live memorable experiences.

This is how we conceived Castellana 85!

 A new experiential, versatile and empathetic space, developed thanks to the perfect fusion of technology and human ingenuity. More than 9,000 square meters located in the financial heart of Madrid, designed so that our professionals can collaborate, train or integrate with other teams, while we open the doors to the inspiration of clients and visitors.


The latest technologies make Castellana 85 a unique space, which changes every day to take care of people while the borders between the physical and the virtual blur.

We rely on data collection sensors cloud, systems or edge computing to process them and automate actions, through artificial intelligence, to humanize the experience, improve productivity and boost results!


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