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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

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The New World of Work: Challenges & Emerging Trends

The pandemic has been a catalyst of re-shaping and re-thinking a new world of work. What’s on the horizon for the future of work? How should business leaders respond and what should they prioritise in the months ahead?


Unlocking Workplace Engagement in the Hybrid Work Era

The pandemic and its aftershocks have changed the workplace and the workforce as we know it. One thing that’s here to stay: Hybrid and remote work. In today’s disrupted workplace, managers must adopt a fundamentally different approach to managing and developing their teams. In this session, Pablo will share Gallup’s latest workplace research, insights and best practices on the demands of the era of hybrid work globally, in Europe and in Spain.


What is the role of the office in the future of work?

The question has been circulated since the first week of the pandemic, and the use of new technologies has been an unstoppable challenge for the last couple of decades. An Experience Economy has driven the markets since the internet democratization, and with new codes for remote relationships, we can work and collaborate from anywhere, and still managing to be efficient and productive. With this in mind, we ask; What will the function of the office look like in 2030-2040? Will office be needed? What will be the value of an office to an organisation?


Evolving the workplace design process - Moving beyond ABW

In this talk, we will delve into the methodology and key strategies behind the design process of the corporative spaces post pandemic. We will explore how structured participatory processes activate the collective intelligence and creativity of the organisation. Through inspiring case studies such as KPMG, ABB, Triodos Bank, Google and Laboral Kutxa, we will highlight the importance of taking a holistic approach that integrates organisational design variables, work methodologies, and corporate culture.

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Workplace Experience: Leadership and Culture in Hybrid Settings

How can companies make the office an attractive proposition to employees who now have more choice in where and how they work? We discuss the current impact on work, space, buildings and the effects on employee and company productivity, well-being, behaviour, and culture.


The Future of Work at Accenture

Denia and Javier share how the Transformation team at Accenture is reinventing the hybrid workplace experience to guarantee business continuity and unlock unprecedented 360 value across the 3 pillars of People, Technology and Spaces:

Understand why the fabric of the new workplace is the people experience.

Learn how physical spaces can be realigned to allow a more flexible working future.

Explore the technologies enabling the worker and the workspace of the future.


Expert Panel: Cross-Functional Approaches to the Workplace Experience

This session explores how best to create optimal environments for employees to do their work, examining how cross-functional approaches and human-centred designs can be leveraged to make the office and greater workplace ecosystem more purposeful. How do we measure what is great? How do we successfully work across corporate real estate (CRE), human resources (HR), and information technology (IT) to deliver it?


The Sustainable Office as an Epicentre of Innovation and Well-Being

IFMA’s Susana and Joaquina discuss the radical transformation in the concept of the office, its role in sustainability, talent attraction, and retention, and how Facility Management can lead this change.

Learn what a sustainable office is and its important to you, whether landlord, tenant or corporate

Understand how to use disruptive tech in your workplace to drive ESG

Redefine your holistic approach to the future of workplace

Flexible and Responsive Lighting for Workplace Well-being

Enlightening the Future of Work: Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

Networking and Lunch Break

Spaces & Places: The Future of Madrid's Commercial Real Estate

How influential is real estate's role in the future of work? How it is responding to today and tomorrow’s needs of business and employees; what are the implications for sustainability, inclusivity and wellbeing; how are new communities being formed and new spaces being revived and reimagined as destinations to live and work?


Expert Panel: Emerging Tech Reshaping the Way We Work

In the age of the “anywhere office”, technology will play a more vital role than ever. It is now crucial for businesses to understand how people are using workspaces and implement technologies that will keep teams connected, organized, safe and ultimately enhance their experience and productivity. Our expert panel shares how some of the largest and most innovative global companies revolutionise how they use technology and how they attract and retain talent.

Other speakers to be announced.


The Music Station: The First Creative Hub in the Music World

Príncipe Pío train station is now home to the first creative hub in the music world: The Music Station. WSS and Spaceti have restored the facilities of an old railway station and transformed it into a 10,000 m2 space dedicated to music and the performing arts. The Music Station has been designed to meet the creative and technical needs of professionals in the music sector and those of the staff members of Warner Music Spain. In this dynamic session, learn how WSS and Spaceti worked with Warner Music Spain to complete this remarkable workplace transformation.


Expert panel: Redefining the Office Purpose: Navigating Real Estate & Return-to-Office Dynamics

This panel brings together Spain’s leading tenants to unravel the complexities of real estate's role in the future of work:
How are return-to-office drives re-shaping the workspace landscape?
How can we cater to the changing needs and expectations of the modern workforce?
How can smart technologies optimize office spaces for energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental stewardship?
What new opportunities will arise for the future of work and Spanish real estate?

Other speakers to be announced.


The Digital Economy Changing the Shape of Our Cities

Join us for a captivating exploration of Madrid’s future, as we look at how digital and creative industries are moulding our cities and work environments. Dr Cristina Mateo will share insights into remote work, diverse workforces, the emergence of third spaces, and the renewal of community connections. Be prepared to discover the exciting new business models of the digital frontier which are driving urban transformations, and what that might mean for the commercial future of Madrid.

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