Briefing Agenda

Briefing Agenda

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

Please be advised that this event will have presentations in both French and English.


Conference Opens

Work Disrupted | Designing for the future

The pandemic has been a catalyst for re-shaping and re-thinking a new world of work. We examine what’s on the horizon for the future of work, looking at how business leaders should respond and what should they prioritise in the months ahead?


How can we Design Organic Workspaces to Harness Creativity?

Pascal will tell the story of the beautiful showroom space we are experiencing today; how all clients, architects dealers and members all came together, what the consequences are and how the space is used now.


The Spark of Innovation: The Importance of Colocation in the New Digital Age

COVID-19 accelerated the trends that were already ongoing since the early 2000s: thanks to the internet, everything can be done through a computer screen. We observed the MIT Campus before and during the pandemics, and thanks to e-mail tracking data, we can affirm that if we work, live and learn, uniquely through the digital layer we lose the dimension of serendipity, ultimately impoverishing our social network and not allowing cross-pollination of ideas to happen. How should we design the learning and workspaces of the future to leverage the new digital trends?

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People Centric Workplace Strategies

We observe how businesses are upping the ante when it comes to workplace experience and raising the bar in an effort to compete for talent. How can organisations become better equipped to address the ever-rising expectations in terms of workplace technology, experience, or both? How can companies make the office an attractive proposition to employees who now have more choice in where and how they work?


Expert Panel: Enabling a High-Performing Hybrid Workplace

Other speakers to be announced.

The purpose of the office has changed. Hybrid Working is the term on everyone's lips but for many, big questions remain unanswered; How do you bring the workforce back into the office? and What should that office look like? Creating a truly effective workplace has always required a perfect balance between people, place, and technology. Given this most recent and dramatic global shift in the way we work, how do we now best drive communication, motivation, engagement with the right facilities, tech, tools to work, think and collaborate.


The Help Doesn’t Get Invited to the Table

How killing the internal client approach breaks silos and improves the employee journey and experience for all. The idea in practice at Deezer. A change in mindset that makes visible Workplace’s value in day to day and key subjects like D&I and ultimately gets Workplace a seat at the table.

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Smart places | Future technology

In the age of the “anywhere office”, technology will play a more vital role than ever. It is now crucial for businesses to understand how people are using workspaces and implement technologies that will keep teams connected, organized, safe and ultimately enhance their experience and productivity. Our experts will shed light on some of the key technology innovations that are transforming how people work.


Implementing a Global Smart Building Solution

In this session Hans will share how making data-driven decisions on the optimization of their portfolio of more than 500 offices worldwide, helped Capgemini implement a smart building solution based on LoRaWan technology and sensors. The real-time sensor data also enables their employees to easily find free desks or rooms. Today, contract renewals result in an average decrease of 10% in floorspace, which saves Capgemini more than 50M$ per year.


Workplace Apps: Purposeful Presence and Enabling the New World of Work

The workplace is adjusting to the new habits of hybrid working and the drive for more collaborative and efficient working environments. Workplace Apps have emerged as a powerful tool to empower staff to make intentional decisions about how and when they spend their time in the office, supporting effective hybrid work. How can HR teams, facility managers, and commercial real estate owners use app technology to differentiate, deliver incremental value and to meet sustainability objectives for their workplace? What are the pitfalls to look out for and the main considerations needed for success?


Expert Panel: How Smart Buildings will Support the Business Needs of Tomorrow

Other speakers to be announced.

Experience – now more than ever – plays a pivotal role in how people perceive an organisation from the outside, and how they work together on the inside. As part of the return-to-work agenda, this panel will discuss why smart buildings are increasingly the workplaces of choice, and how people-focused innovations can support the evolving needs and future aspirations of the diverse businesses and people that inhabit such buildings.

Reinventing Real Estate

What are the strategies that companies and organisations in Paris and beyond are adopting to bounce back from the coronavirus, and what is the impact on global commercial real estate?


High Performing Workplaces in a Global Context

In this session, Uli will showcase the award-winning work by Zaha Hadid Architects and discuss the future of office buildings and how they are developing in a global context. Describing the key factors in workplace design as visibility, light penetration and communication potential; he explores how computational workplace tools, data analytics, sensor technology, and smart algorithms will impact how we design and what we design, to help shape the workplaces of tomorrow.

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WORKTECH speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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