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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from both a people and technology perspective. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.



Opening Keynote: Community and purpose: Why workplaces will always win

Having learned from thousands of customers returning to the workplace, Envoy's CEO and founder will talk about how companies are earning people back to the office by leveraging technology and building strong on-site communities that work together.

Strategies to enhance the workplace experience: A long-term vision for engaging your teams

As many companies are starting to reengage from the pandemic and look to entice in-office participation through innovative strategies, it will be critical to drive engagement through enhanced amenities at the office. Curated by a panel of experts, this session shares strategies and insights about what they are hearing, learning, and implementing in response to proprietary research and their workplaces experiences.

Expert Panel Work Disrupted

The purpose of the office has changed. Hybrid Working is the term on everyone's lips but for many, big questions remain unanswered; How do you bring the workforce back into the office? and What should that office look like? Creating a truly effective workplace has always required a perfect balance between people, place and technology. Given this most recent and dramatic global shift in the way we work, how do we now best drive communication, motivation, engagement with the right facilities, tech, tools to work, think and collaborate.

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The Post-Covid Workplace: The Knowns, the Unknowns and How to Move Forward

The changing workplace is a hot topic with near daily media stories about who’s doing what and what the future holds. But what do we really know? Successful workplace strategies will rely on robust feedback loops and the ability to course correct as we all learn together.

Testing, Learning, and Iterating our Way to a Hybrid World

The future of work at Adobe will be Hybrid, enabled by flexibility as the default and led by a digital-first mindset. Our test, learn and iterate approach is applying to all the ways we are designing the future, from our policies to our team enablement to our office designs. We’d like to share with you some of the ways we are experimenting in our design of the Future of Work.

The Question of Happiness at Work: How to Build Psychological Resilience

The pandemic has triggered cycles of uncertainty, anxiety, and grief. Now we need to address its long-term effects on mental health by creating psychological safety in our workplaces. Employers need to focus on compassionate relationships, helping employees to not just be productive, but to flourish.

Innovation Platform - Office Freedom, CX App An Inpixon Company & Skyfold

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Practical Tips For Smart Workplace Success Post Covid

“Office functionalities change post-COVID” is all over the news. On the minds of those in charge is not only how to change the workplace, but also how to make sure that new workplace is a success. This presentation covers inspiring case studies of how smart technology in some of the world’s foremost smart buildings, supports in realising a workplace that works. You walk away with practical tips to apply immediately and increase the success rates of your smart workplace plans post-COVID.

Expert Panel Technology Tools - Redefining The Future of Work

In the age of the “anywhere office”, technology will play a more vital role than ever. It is now crucial for businesses to understand how people are using workspaces and implement technologies that will keep teams connected, organized, safe and ultimately enhance their experience and productivity. Our experts will shed light on some of the key technology innovations that are transforming how people work

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The Game Changed; How Do We Help Employees Change With It?

The pandemic changed the game for when, where and how work is accomplished. Reimagined workplaces must support employees’ work, social engagement, physical wellbeing, and emotional health. But that’s only part of the equation. Managing the change is another critical component. How can companies proactively address change while enhancing culture and building employee loyalty?

Beyond the Comfort of What We Know—an Exploration of People, Culture, and Consciousness

It’s not in the comfort of what we know that we discover the truth of who we truly are. As a society we have been challenged to step beyond our norms and ability to go on auto-pilot the past 20 months. It’s a time of awakening to rethink and prioritize our organizational culture, ways of working, and human to human connection. Join us for a dynamic and interactive session exploring new dimensions for the future of work and what will thrive going forward and what needs to take a rest.

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Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries who come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

Please contact Isabel Dewhurst-Marks for more information about speaking at this event.


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