The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. Exploring the ways in which people, places and technology have and will adapt to form the new future workplace.

This virtual conference by WORKTECH events will gather trending developments, key data and influential insights into the future of work across the global stage. The conference will cover new approaches in boosting employee engagement with a more holistic focus, cutting property costs with a view of creating dynamic meeting spaces and deep diving into the new and exciting technology advances using AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in the workplace.

CONFERENCE AGENDA - Wednesday 16th June (Day 2)

10.00 – 14.45 EDT | 15.00 – 19.45 BST

Please note, session times below are subject to change and displayed in BST.

Wednesday 16th June

Smart Spaces: Re-Thinking & Real Estate

Expert Panel: The Future Corporate Real Estate Landscape

This panel will offer different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities faced by business leaders as they prepare to adapt their corporate real estate strategies and footprint for a more agile and flexible future. Our experts will discuss latest trends and considerations, sharing insights on portfolio reduction, new leasing models, adoption of shared and third spaces, the rise of suburban work hubs and, smart building technology.

How YIT Leveraged Workplace Technology & Innovation to Be Awarded the Smartest Building in the World

Join Anders Stenbäck, VP of Offering and Services of YIT, and Dinesh Malkani, Founder/CEO of Smarten Spaces, as they discuss the latest workplace technology used to build the Smartest Building in the World. How YIT leveraged workplace management, device intelligence, workflow, and analytics with an astute focus on user experience, human interaction, health, well-being, safety, and security.

"Testing the Future” - A Design Thinking Approach to Drive Innovation for Real Estate, the Workplace and Employees

Swiss Post follows a clearly structured innovation process from the idea, through to the project and implementation geared at large scale. This has helped them to identify opportunities and take up ideas early on already pre-pandemic. Consequently, Swiss Post is leading Real Estate change and the design and delivery of employee experience with a data driven approach. In this session they will share how they develop and evaluate innovative ideas and exploit occupancy data to drive efficiency, sustainability and employee wellbeing.

Modern-Day Workplace Innovative Solutions - Making it EASY Innovation Showcase by Joan

The challenge is the work and not how to get back into the office.


Data-Driven Decision Making for the Workplace

The Great Space Race - How to Chart Your Course, with Data

With teams coming back to offices and downsizing pressure increasing, there’s a race on to find the right configuration of space and occupancy. How much space do we need? And what kind? Do I change my ratios and leasing strategy? Will it all change again once everyone is vaccinated and re-boarded? In this session, you’ll join Alex Birch, Cofounder & CEO of XY Sense for an in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities the hybrid workplace brings when it comes to space planning and how real time occupancy data can help you chart your course out of the unknown.

Have You Missed the Boat? - Rapid Deployment of an Employee Experience and Smart Building Solution

Did you plan to implement a workplace employee experience solution but just never got around to doing it? The new normal workplace is about collaboration and social - this means that employees need an easy-to-use solution to reserve their desk before they leave home and to find free spaces and colleagues when they get there. Empathic building has a software only option which includes a digital map with room and desk booking features which can be used to increase employee experience, collecting all the key data to understand space needs whilst simultaneously improving employee wellbeing.


Understanding How WELL Can Help Define the S in Your ESG Journey

This presentation will walk through the WELL journey from single asset certification, WELL Portfolio and the WELL Health Safety Rating. WELL buildings create environments that attract and retain the best talent, drive productivity and create spaces where people can thrive. Human health has a profound impact on corporate performance indicators - including productivity, engagement and resilience. More than ever before, these elements play a critical role in demonstrating value and human health is gaining recognition as material to a business’ bottom line.

Google's Downtown West: Fostering Thriving Communities in the New Era of Work

Downtown West is set to become one of Google’s biggest campuses in the world, with 7.3 million sq. ft of office space and over 500,000 sq. ft dedicated to shops, restaurants, and housing. The mixed-use mega-campus envisions an inclusive new part of downtown San Jose - representing a commitment to place-making, housing (including affordable housing), economic development, and environmental sustainability. In this session, Alexa Arena will share latest insights on this pioneering project and the role it will play in the future of work and urban living in San Jose and beyond.

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Work Reimagined: Putting Humans at the Centre of the New Workplace

This session will explore the results of EY’s Work Reimagined Study 2021 of more than 16,000 employees in 16 countries. The study outlines how new ways of working, family responsibilities and a number of other factors have shifted workers’ priorities. This has driven them to demand flexibility in where and when they work, improvements in how they work and the technology to make them productive. It is forcing us to think again about the future of collaboration, skills development and more as we reimagine the workplace to suit a future world of hybrid working


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