The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. Exploring the ways in which people, places and technology have and will adapt to form the new future workplace.

This virtual conference by WORKTECH events will gather trending developments, key data and influential insights into the future of work across the global stage. The conference will cover new approaches in boosting employee engagement with a more holistic focus, cutting property costs with a view of creating dynamic meeting spaces and deep diving into the new and exciting technology advances using AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in the workplace.

CONFERENCE AGENDA - Tuesday 15th June (Day 1)

10.00 – 14.00 EDT | 15.00 – 19.00 BST

Please note, session times below are subject to change and displayed in BST.

Tuesday 15th June


The New World of Work: Challenges & Emerging Trends

Keynote: State of the Workplace

WORKTECH is founded on the principle that a harmony of people, place and, above all, technology should form the basis for how organisations plan the future of work. Amid the global pandemic, this vision has swum into focus as companies have pivoted to a new model with remote working and a hybrid model at its core. In this session, Philip Ross will share how marginal ideas have become mainstream and by sharing an overview of emerging trends and latest innovations shaping the world of work, he will paint a portrait of the transforming landscape and share tools on how companies can embrace the Ne

Expert Panel: Exploring a Mobile-First Return to a Safe and Secure Office

This panel will launch a report conducted by WORKTECH Academy and HID Global. Experts involved in the report will discuss key findings and insights, specifically looking at the major challenges that European Corporate Real Estate Managers face today, and how these challenges can be elevated by an pp-centric, mobile-first approach to access control and the workplace.


A New Reality: Physical - Digital Working

Expert Panel Discussion: Extended Reality in the New World of Work

Technology now plays a more vital role than ever in our daily working lives. In this panel, we will hear from leading players in the industry on how emerging technologies are augmenting the physical and digital workplace experience and helping organizations to future-proof their workplace strategies. Digital workplace technologies will transform the world of work – from extended reality/virtual reality to immersive collaborative platforms - our experts will shed light on the key tech innovations that are redefining the future of work.

Implementing Mixed Reality to Enable the Workplace

The era of virtual and augmented reality might finally be upon us. After years of promises and false starts, Covid-19 has driven a record number of workers remotely and could usher in the regular use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) at home and in the workplace. This panel will discuss how a leading financial firm is investing in virtual reality technology and virtual environments to support their future workplace strategies and enhance employee experience.


The Next Wave of Smart Thinking for Work & Workplace

Practical Tips for Smart Workplace Success

Organizations have a big opportunity to design the workplace more efficiently and improve the employee experience. Whilst a lot of the possibilities and practicalities might seem completely new, there are companies who are ahead of the curve in realising this smart future workplace. This presentation covers inspiring case studies of how smart technology in some of the world’s foremost smart buildings support in realising a workplace that works. Attendees will gain practical tips to help increase the success rates of your smart workplace plans as employees return to the office.

Closing Keynote: From Surviving to Thriving: How to Think like a Futurist

The future of work can often feel uncertain and complex. Emerging technologies, cultural changes, geopolitical conflicts, climate disruptions and shifting economies can feel overwhelming and bleak. But what if you could think like a futurist, exploring a range of possible and potential futures? What if you had the ability to envision the future you want and the tools to get you there? Futurist and author Brian David Johnson will show you how to think like a futurist, dispelling myths about the future and exploring what he sees coming for the future

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