The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This forum will explore the latest thinking and insights shaping the future of health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Curated by WORKTECH events, this event will focus on the role of wellbeing initiatives in the future world of work, examining the key challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic and the dramatic shifts in work life. Hear from industry experts, practitioners and thought leaders in a series of live online conversations, as they share practical insights and steps on how to prepare your business, workplace, and workforce for the future.


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Prioritising People: Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity at Work

Opening Keynote

The Health Gap: Addressing Health Inequalities at Work

The last decade has been marked by deteriorating health and widening health inequalities. In this session, Professor Peter Goldblatt reviews the links between deprivation, exclusion and health inequalities, sharing his views on what the physical workplace and employer policies can do to reduce health inequalities in the modern world of work. Professor Goldblatt is co-author of the 2020 Health Equity in England: Marmot Review 10 Years On report and former Chief Medical Statistician at the Office of National Statistics.

Expert Panel: Diversity & Inclusion in the New World of Work

Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are no longer optional. Their impact on employee wellbeing, company culture and business performance make them a key component of a winning business strategy in which all employees feel valued and supported. This panel will address a range of subjects relating to bias in the current world of work – addressing key issues around workplace design for mindfulness, mental health and neurodiversity in the workplace.


Healthy Workplace Communities: Experience & Amenities

Chiswick Park Case Study: Fostering Healthy Communities

Based around the central idea that ‘if you enjoy work, you do better work and if you do better work, you have a better business,’ the Chiswick Park model has been leading the way in workplace wellbeing since its development. In this session, Chiswick Park’s CEO explores the importance of healthy workplace communities, work-life balance, and the concept of the ‘destination workplace’ in the post-COVID era, sharing insights on how this pioneering campus continues to foster culture, collaboration and community for its unique organisations in the new era of work.

Expert Panel: The Future of Experience & Amenities

In an effort to create the best experience possible for clients and employees, organisations are turning to technology to enhance their workplaces. Our panel of experts will discuss how best to unlock the potential of exceptional workplace experience, exploring factors such as environment, amenities and personalisation that play a key role in shaping the experience of work and re-defining the workplace as a safe and desirable destination to return to.


The Workplace as a Healing Environment

Dr Katelyn Dowling believes that the future of work must involve healing as an explicit goal. This is more important now than ever as prevalence rates of depression have tripled since COVID-19. In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), Katelyn argues that we must reimagine the role of the workplace in the fabric of society. People spend approx. ⅓ of their lives in the workplace, so work has the potential to be a key stressor or a source of healing. In this session, Katelyn will redefine “healing” as an umbrella term allowing for community resilience and stress reduction.



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