The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This forum will explore the latest thinking and insights shaping the future of health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Curated by WORKTECH events, this event will focus on the role of wellbeing initiatives in the future world of work, examining the key challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic and the dramatic shifts in work life. Hear from industry experts, practitioners and thought leaders in a series of live online conversations, as they share practical insights and steps on how to prepare your business, workplace, and workforce for the future.


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Redefining Workplace Wellbeing: Mental, Physical and Organisational Health

The Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox

"Unprecedented" may be the most overused word of 2020, but COVID-19 workplace data trends are truly like nothing Gallup has ever seen. Gallup has been continuously tracking the engagement and wellbeing of the U.S. workforce since 2009 and among the most important discoveries is a trend we call the "Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox." Typically, there is a reciprocal link between employee engagement and wellbeing. However, in 2020, employee engagement and wellbeing became disconnected from each other and this divergence presents critical implications for workplace leaders in the coming year.

Fireside Chat

Ergonomic Solutions for Wellbeing: Mind, Body and Workspace

Many of us are looking for ways to hit refresh as we continue working from home, sitting for increased periods of time and looking for ultimate comfort at the desk or table after a year of remote work. This session will explore human-centered and science-driven approaches to designing, developing, and reinventing tools that help people feel better at work, addressing the impact of ergonomics on the mind, body and workspace, and the importance of creating a healthy work environment that will ultimately increase productivity and enhance overall wellbeing.


Healthy Environments: Enablers & Innovations

Worship Square Case Study: Putting Wellbeing and Experience First

Charlie Russell-Jones presents how HB Reavis and it’s integrated developer model helps to build an environment and supporting platform that puts occupiers health, wellbeing and overall experience at its core. In this session, Charlie will spotlight Worship Square, a project that is on the cusp of being launched to market and demonstrates HB Reavis’ attention to wellbeing from the beginning of a scheme’s design through to building management.

WELL Health Safety Rating: Step One in Creating Your ESG Journey

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all new and existing building and facility types focusing on operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans. Designed to empower owners and operators across large and small businesses alike to take the necessary steps to prioritise the health of their staff, visitors and stakeholders, the rating can help organisations get back to business by instilling confidence in those who frequent the building and the broader community.


The Sound of Wellbeing

Until recently, silence was considered the gold standard in wellbeing. In this session, 5x TED speaker, Julian Treasure reviews the scientific research about biophilic soundscapes, discussing the considerations for sound and wellbeing in the workplace, including stress management, hybrid working, and neuroinclusive design, to help architects, designers, and HR professionals create healthier, more productive buildings.

Holistic Acoustic Design, Planning and Execution - 3D Sound in a 3D World

Sound and acoustics are doubtless one of the key drivers for an ideal workplace design. Since the perception of sound is >50% subjective, the involvement and active integration of all stakeholders in workplace design is mandatory. Visual virtual reality in design and build is meanwhile state of the art, but what about the next dimension, the 3D sound? We want to show you where we stand.




Leading the Remote Workforce: The Neuroscience Behind How We Handle a Changing Work Environment

The widespread adoption of remote work has fundamentally changed how we connect, work and use technologies (often not yet fit for purpose), in an ever-changing environment. Understanding the neuroscience of human connection can help us build positive remote and hybrid workplaces that fosters trust, commitment and resilience, and leverage technology as a true enabler.


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