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WORKTECH X Wellbeing is a unique Virtual Conference and Innovations Exhibition focussing on all aspects of Workplace Wellbeing and how it impacts the Future of Work.

Addressing challenges and opportunities relating to physical, mental and organisational wellbeing, we bring together leading professionals to share fresh thinking on topics such as employee engagement, workplace culture, mental health, inclusive leadership, healthy buildings and communities, sustainability and more. WORKTECH brings innovative ideas and inspiration to the workplace community through inter-disciplinary speakers and learning experience to enhance creativity and move thinking forward.

Join over 150 senior professionals from HR, real estate, facilities, executive management, architecture, design and professional advisors to listen to global thought leaders, further their knowledge and share best practise and expertise.

Attendees will hear from industry experts, practitioners and thought leaders who will share latest thinking with global case studies, success stories and new research examining factors such as:

  • Healthy Workplace Communities: Experience & Amenities
  • Redefining Workplace Wellbeing: Mental, Physical and Organizational Health
  • Mindful Leadership: Fostering Culture, Collaboration and Work-Life Balance
  • Prioritising People: Supporting Diverse Teams in the New Era of Work
  • Healthy Buildings: Enablers & Innovations




  • Dr Ben Wigert

    Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management, Gallup

  • Dr Fiona Kerr

    Founder and CEO, The NeuroTech Institute | Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist, Adelaide University

  • Professor Peter Goldblatt

    Senior Advisor, UCL Institute of Health Equity

  • Julian Treasure

    Five-time TED Speaker, Author and Founder, The Sound Agency


Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

Please contact Samantha Cullum regarding speaking opportunities at this event.

Conference Highlights

Featured Keynote

Leading the Remote Workforce: The Neuroscience Behind How We Handle a Changing Work Environment

The widespread adoption of remote work has fundamentally changed how we connect, work and use technologies (often not yet fit for purpose), in an ever-changing environment. Understanding the neuroscience of human connection can help us build positive remote and hybrid workplaces that fosters trust, commitment and resilience, and leverage technology as a true enabler. In this session, Dr Fiona Kerr, Founder & CEO, The NeuroTech Institute and Neural & Systems Complexity Specialist, Adelaide University shares evidence and insights on how leaders can understand and support their remote teams in the new era of work. 

Cutting-Edge Research

The Sound of Wellbeing

Until recently, silence was considered the gold standard in wellbeing. In this session, 5x TED speaker, Julian Treasure reviews the scientific research about biophilic soundscapes, discussing the considerations for sound and wellbeing in the workplace, including stress management, hybrid working, and neuroinclusive design, to help architects, designers, and HR professionals create healthier, more productive buildings.

"One of the best virtual events I've attended since the pandemic began."

Workplace Innvoation 2021 Attendee

"The richness of content and the quality of attendees at WORKTECH invaluable and a fundamental need for operating in, and shaping the future of work.”

WORKTECH20 Virtual Global Attendee

"Loved everything about this! I could listen to these discussions all day everyday."

Workplace Innovation 2021 Attendee

"If you want to explore the options and drive change, WORKTECH provides a platform for education, engagement and expression."

SMARTBUILDINGS21 Virtual Attendee

"First time attending the WORKTECH conference and it didn't disappoint! Would recommend to anyone working in the world of workplace.”

WORKTECH20 Virtual Global Attendee

"The sessions are really impressive...Overall a brilliant few days”

WORKTECH20 Virtual North America Attendee

"Worktech is among the best workplace forums." 

Workplace Innovation 2021 Attendee

"Utilising technology to deliver a first class experience should be applauded. Engaging, informative and on topic."

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