The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This forum will explore how the latest workplace innovations are shaping  the new world of work. 

International thought-leaders will share new global case studies and offer insight into the latest thinking around cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions such as  AR & VR, data and analytics, AI, personalisation tools, collaboration enablers and much more. Attendees will learn how the latest workplace innovations can help organisations future-proof workplace strategies and stay ahead in a competitive and uncertain business world.


AEDT | Thursday 25th March

The New Frontier of Workplace Innovation

The Innovative Workplace Starts with People

With the inexorable rise of machines, to continue to dedicate people solely to routine work has diminishing returns, especially when the human competitive advantage – our ability to navigate and understand the unknown – is the best asset organisations have to figure out the future. In rapidly-changing environments where workers face unforeseen problems and businesses confront new challenges, the most valuable form of work is creating value. To give your organisation a competitive edge, key insights from the latest research will show you how to empower your people and reimagine your workplace.

Fireside Chat: Redefining Your Workspace with Technology

Following the recent chain of events around COVID-19, the world of work has taken a new meaning and creating a workplace of the future means much more than spacing out workstations and setting out one-way systems. In the new world of work, there is a need for companies to adopt long-term flexible strategies; ones that can adapt to new challenges on the unpredictable road ahead. This is where, workspace management technology is even more of a vital enablement tool to make this all happen.


Expert Panel: From Office to Omni-Channel - Rise of the Omni-Channel Worker

The dramatic worldwide switch to remote working amid the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the potential for employees to work from anywhere using virtual, cloud-based technologies. But what does this mean for the future of office property? Just like the advent of omni-channel retailing, are we on the cusp of omni-channel working? In this session, our panel of experts explore the path 'from office to omni-channel' and examine latest trends in workplace technology and corporate real estate.

The Augmented Workplace: Adapting to New Paradigms of Work

Best Practices for Transitioning to Hybrid Workplace

How businesses adopt hybrid working will not only define the initial success in bringing their people back to work, but also, help stay relevant in the future and harness the benefits of transitioning to a hybrid workplace. Join this discussion if you want to learn from the experience of businesses in 50+ cities globally and how technology plays a role in making this transformation a success.


Applied Intelligence and Designing for the Future

The future of work is not just about AI, automation and The Singularity. It's also about getting the most value out of human qualities that computers can't emulate - the desire to explore, to create, to play. It's a future in which technologies and humans interact to discover brave new worlds, possibilities and futures together. More Star Trek than The Matrix. This talk will examine the 5 types of applied intelligence in contemporary workplaces, and explore how we might design and use space and technology to enable the higher, value-creating forms, and avoid the energy-draining, inhumane ones.



Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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