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The WORKTECH Work From Anywhere Virtual Conference and Innovations Exhibition will explore the Work From Anywhere movement and how it is shaping the new world of work, and the built environment.


8:30 – 13:30 EDT | 13:30 – 18:30 BST

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Wednesday 7th July


Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Work From Anywhere

Is Remote Work the New Normal?

In 2020, the majority of the world’s workforce went remote. This “State of Remote Work 2021” projects future flexible workplace rates, and what impact the hypergrowth of remote will have on our global socioeconomics.

Disruptive Design for an Integrated Work/Life Experience

The pandemic has shaken up the world of work, accelerating change and expanding our horizons of possibility. This shake-up has led us to questions such as: how it integrates with life and how it depletes or nourishes the individual, the organization and the planet. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to redesign and reimagine the way we work.
Jane will take us on a whirlwind tour not only of the possibilities presented by this new world of work; but she’ll also share a practical Disruptive Design method, to aid workplace experience innovators amplify their influence and create change.

Our Cadence of Together and Apart: The Future of Hybrid Collaboration

A significant number of employees and companies are adapting what is being called a “Hybrid” working model, where employees are on site less than full time. One particularly thorny issue that arises, is the challenge of collaboration across locations. In this talk, I will overview the work we have been doing with numerous fortune 500 companies across industries to define hybrid work and its implications for workplace, share key insights on remote-participant needs, and provide a glimpse into some experiments we are running around an integrated approach to enable hybrid collaboration.

Technology Tools for Work From Anywhere Expert Panel

In the age of the anywhere office, it is crucial to understand how people are using your space and identify and implement the latest remote technologies that will keep your team connected, organized and safe. We will discuss the top technologies transforming the way people work remotely and why your hybrid company should consider integrating them into your processes.

The Thriving Workplace: Crafting a New Narrative for Workplace

The “big” moment has arrived! The most blogged, webcasted, discussed, published and proselytized occurrence for the past year plus is now upon us - humans are returning to offices. But are the facilities ready? During this session, Knoll will share survey results from leaders who create and manage workplaces for millions of office workers, plus conversations from roundtables and panel discussions with 350+ experts and industry leaders. The thinking outlines human centric facility designs, cultural hubs, flexibility and employee choice enhanced with technology and well-being.

State of the Workplace

WORKTECH is founded on the principle that a harmony of people, place and, above all, technology should form the basis for how organisations plan the future of work. Amid the global pandemic, this vision has swum into focus as companies have pivoted to a new model with remote working and a hybrid model at its core. In this session, Philip Ross will share how marginal ideas have become mainstream and by sharing an overview of emerging trends and latest innovations shaping the world of work, he will paint a portrait of the transforming landscape for the new world of work

End User Work From Anywhere Expert Panel Discussion

This end user panel discussion will bring together workplace leaders to discuss the Work From Anywhere Model and its impact on the corporate office.

Leading Me, So I Can Lead You.

In today’s working context, leaders are all called to lead in ways never expected. The demands are great, the stakes are high, and the learning is steep! The days of traditional leadership are gone; the pyramid has been flipped. Leaders now find themselves in positions of servanthood, removing barriers to facilitate the success of their members, and adapting to new realities at a pace never before experienced. It is both exhilarating and exhausting! The need for self-leadership has never been greater. It’s time to step back, hit pause, and lay out a plan for growing and developing those self-l

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