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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future of workplace and workplace experience. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore a holistic approach to creating an optimal environment for employees to do their work.

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Performance Redefined: A People-First Approach

Challenge traditional notions of performance by embracing a people-first mindset. Uncover how investing in the well-being and development of your workforce directly influences organizational success.

Seven Habits to Build Your Ideal Day

The small choices we make each day make an enormous difference to our lives. Good wellbeing allows us to navigate the highs and lows that we experience daily, moving beyond chronic ill-health to thriving and flourishing. Shaping the environment, creating habits and using strengths can help us all Build Our Ideal Day.

Expert Panel Discussion: Elevating Employee Wellbeing Through Design - Exploring Strategies for Creating Healthy, Connected Workspaces

Explore innovative approaches to enhance employee experience and well-being. From wellness programs to employee engagement initiatives, biophilic elements to ergonomic furniture, discover how organisations are prioritising the holistic well-being of their workforce and fostering connection and vitality in the workplace.

Purpose-Driven Productivity

Dive into the transformative impact of aligning individual and organisational purposes. Discover how a sense of purpose boosts employee engagement, ultimately driving exceptional performance.

Immersive Learning and a New Perspective on Measuring Impact

This session introduces Punchdrunk Enrichment’s evaluation methodology, the three Ps (Possibility, Purpose, Positivity) through which we assess transformative impacts on school communities. Dive into the worlds of The Lost Lending Library and Route 158 as we explore our collaborative approach to working with educators and organisations. We look at how we can adapt this model for workplaces, discussing strategies for integrating these principles into teams.

Expert Panel Discussion: Cultivating Connections - Empowering Narratives for Purposeful Engagement

Join us for 'Cultivating Connections: Empowering Narratives for Purposeful Engagement,' a panel exploring the impact of storytelling and human connection in fostering meaningful engagement within organisations. Discover strategies for building strong connections, cultivating belonging, and empowering individuals to contribute to their organisation's purpose with passion and dedication.

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Human-Centered Excellence

Uncover the power of placing people at the core of your organisation's purpose and operations. Explore how prioritising the employee experience leads to enhanced performance and lasting connections.

Exploring this Fourth Industrial Revolution

The speed in which technology is changing the way humans behave is growing faster and faster. Technology is constantly opening doors to new skills and knowledge and is making new ways of working more accessible than ever before. Technology empowers everyone to learn and to be more creative than ever before. This presentation will explore how technology can spark inspiration and equip you with the mind set to reach your full potential.

Rhythms of Innovation: Transforming London's Workspace Landscape

Dive deep into The Ministry’s vision for the workspace of the future. Presencer outlines his ambitious concept which fuses community, workspace, and social hub. Learn how Ministry of Sound Group re-purposed a former warehouse in Borough to meet the needs of both work and play in one of the buzziest zones in the city. Discover the innovative design elements, flexible amenities, and neighbourhood partnerships driving the success of this beautifully converted 50,000 sqft workspace. Don't miss this talk on the intersection of work, life, and social experience in the modern urban landscape.

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Elevating Employee Experience: From Theory to Practice

Explore how purposeful initiatives, genuine connections, and a focus on performance intersect to create an enriching workplace environment. Discuss tangible examples and strategies for translating these concepts into actionable steps, fostering a workplace where people thrive.

Revolutionise Your Workplace - Discover the Secrets Behind An Irresistible Employee Experience

Despite 20 plus years of focusing on employee engagement we have seen little improvement. Why? Because we need to focus on intentionally designing experiences that deliver engagement. This starts by asking what a great EX looks and feels like. Emma has spent 15 years researching this question, and gathering stories about what makes a great EX at work.

Leading Like A Gardener: How To Sow The Seeds Of Success

Leaders and their organisations confront a critical dilemma: only 11% of the UK workforce feel engaged at work. But the key to energising people has nothing to do with money. Jeff Dewing’s keynote unveils the reality: culture is the soil you create for your plants to grow, but you don’t grow a culture, you grow a community. Leadership mirrors gardening – any leader can nurture thriving individuals by learning some key lessons. Discover the ingredients you need to embody authentic values, build a vision that people believe in and grow a community where everyone flourishes.

Expert Panel Discussion: Fostering a Community Culture - Leadership Strategies for Building Cohesive and Engaged Teams

Unlock the secrets to building strong, cohesive teams and fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace. Esteemed leaders share proven strategies for nurturing inclusive cultures, promoting open communication, and cultivating a shared purpose, resulting in empowered, engaged teams that drive organisational success.

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Connecting for Success

Explore the pivotal role of connection in creating a thriving workplace. Delve into the ways genuine connections between employees, teams, and leaders contribute to enhanced performance.

Expert Panel Discussion: Hybrid Workspaces of Tomorrow: Rethinking Office Design for the Future of Work

Explore innovative solutions for accommodating hybrid work models. Delve into adaptable layouts, flexible furniture, and advanced technology infrastructures that seamlessly integrate remote and in-person collaboration, empowering organisations to thrive in the evolving landscape of work.

How The Workplace Enables Individual and Collective Progress

We’ve heard the workplace described as a hospitality experience, social club, or boutique hotel; but if our aim is mastery, then the best analogue may be the gym—an environment designed for deliberate, focused practice on challenges beyond our skill. These divergent masteries must then come together on the pitch, where constructive disagreement allows us to progress towards a shared goal. Informed by Gensler’s 2024 Global Workplace Survey data, we speculate about the enduring value of face-to-face interactions in a tech-enabled world.

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Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries who come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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