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The TECH & TRENDS event is a forum for all workplace professionals involved in the future of work from a technological perspective.

This executive briefing will provide a fast-paced look at the future workplace, with a focus on the impact of emerging technologies set to reshape enterprise. The event demonstrates and facilitates global innovation through current and ground-breaking case studies from companies who are pioneering workplace innovation.

Our analysts attend key global briefings and shows on the latest emerging innovations and technologies and will present back a unique analysis on where these technologies are being implemented and how they will revolutionise work, work process and the workplace.


Remote & Distributed Working Technologies and Platforms

Working Together When We’re Not Together… The Role of Technology in Social Change

It has long been said that necessity is the mother of invention and the extensive grip that Coronavirus has had on the world is likely to change how we approach business forever. With social contact and movement limited to avoid the spread of the pandemic, we are needing to find effective methods of working together even when we’re not physically together. And what happens to the office when we are not in it? Get ready for a fascinating discussion on distributed working with tech at the centre of the storm.

Smart Buildings

Smarter Buildings

The world of Smart Buildings highlights the importance of digital solutions and offers leading insight around what is expected now, and what’s coming next, in this age of digital transformation. This presentation will outline dynamic ways in which workplace technology can be the foundation for a more holistic Smart Building strategy further down the line.

AI & Augmented Work

AI & Augmented Work

Through data analysis, we learn how humans and machines work together to achieve more than either could alone. This presentation will explore different models of human-machine collaboration and how they affect the workplace of the future. Find out how machines and humans will shape the future of work together.


TECH & TRENDS speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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