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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This forum will explore how smart technologies are shaping the built environment and the new world of work. 

With the recent practical completion of the landmark building – described as London’s vertical village – we will hear from the pioneers that power 22 Bishopsgate to showcase the many innovations, and technology ‘firsts’ that set this workplace apart and enable a seamless, touchless and safe user experience.

We will look back at the original vision for the building with Sir Stuart Lipton – who has been at the forefront of innovation, and industry leadership, creating a large proportion of London’s iconic developments – as well as exploring the architecture and design journey, and unique amenities and facilities that have been carefully curated to meet the needs of a diverse, connected community and stay true to the core values of wellbeing, learning, equality and sustainability.

Join us for an insightful program with industry experts and workplace visionaries, promising a fascinating look into the future of smart spaces and how to create a truly smart workplace experience for your people.


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Wednesday 24th February

22 Bishopsgate: A New Workplace Concept

The Vision for London’s Vertical Village

Sir Stuart Lipton has been at the forefront of innovation, place-making, planning and industry leadership, and at the centre of creating a large proportion of London’s most iconic developments. Sir Stuart will open the event by sharing his vision for the future of smart buildings and how this shaped 22 Bishopsgate – the most eagerly anticipated addition to urban landscape in a long time.

Expert Panel

Designing for the Future

Experts discuss the buildings’ design process, exploring the key aspects that make this campus so unique, including why health, wellbeing and community are at the very heart. How can a tall building address urban challenges of overcrowded pavements, increased numbers of cycles and vehicles, whilst supporting a high-performance workplace culture?


Smart Technology: Enablers and Innovations

Expert Panel

A Blueprint for the Office of the Future

As a smart building, 22 Bishopsgate uses state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency and reduce points of friction for occupiers and guests. Some of the pioneering technologies include opt-in facial recognition for touchless entry, a smartphone app for building access, food ordering and room booking; and collaboration technology which supports a hybrid work model. In this session, experts discuss the benefits and expectations for smart technology that support a seamless, safe and smart experience for the future of work.


Smart Campus, Buildings and Workspaces

What is the “next normal” in the future of work? What will be the lasting effects of the pandemic’s impact on the way we work? How will forward thinking real estate developers, operators and businesses adapt to ensure the working environments they build, manage or utilise adhere to evolved ways of working in the next normal. How will businesses ensure the safe return to the office and optimise the office and home “Hybrid” working environments.

Practical Tips for Smart Workplace Success Post-COVID

Office functionalities change post-COVID” is all over the news. On the minds of those in charge is not only how to change the workplace, but also how to make sure that new workplace is a success. This presentation covers inspiring case studies of how smart technology in some of the world’s foremost smart buildings, incl. 22 Bishopsgate, supports in realising a workplace that works. You walk away with practical tips to apply immediately and increase the success rates of your smart workplace plans post-COVID.


Powered By Smart Accelerating the Augmented Building

The Future of Connected Buildings

With new connectivity technologies unlocking opportunities along the IoT value chain, companies must create detailed plans to harness their potential. They must be open to change, adapting their game plan to suit new connectivity standards and customer preferences for simplicity. Likewise, they should be prepared to investigate new business models, since advances in IoT connectivity may open some surprising opportunities.

Expert Panel

Demystifying Digitisation: The 22 Bishopsgate Story and Beyond

When we talk about digital transformation, data is everything. But how do we leverage the tidal wave of data our buildings are producing to transform the way we build, maintain and occupy our spaces? In this session, our expert panel s will explore how 22 Bishopsgate are leveraging data and AI to revolutionise their FM strategy, as well how data can and must underpin behavioural change in the new world of workplace

The Future Workplace: A Destination of Choice

Expert Panel

The Occupiers Perspective

22 Bishopsgate is a new, people-focused workplace destination, expected to accommodate a community of up to 12,000 residents and visitors, and a working assumption that it will normally operate with about 6000 personnel at any one time. This panel will discuss why 22 Bishopsgate is the workplace of choice, and how this people focused smart building can support the evolving needs and future aspirations of the diverse businesses and people that inhabit it.

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WORKTECH speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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