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The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. The event will explore how room and desk booking technologies are shaping the office experience and the new world of work. What the post-Covid-19 workplace will look like and how can organisations begin to cope with a new normal. In normal WORKTECH style, we will continue to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the future of work from a people, place and technology perspective.


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Pre-event Networking & Virtual Exhibition

The Return to Work Agenda: Implementing Resource Management Technologies

Top 5 Pitfalls Implementing Space Reservations and How to Avoid Them

Many organizations are looking to deploy a Space Reservation solutions as part of both their back to office and long term ‘new normal’ plans, but simply picking a solution and getting it deployed is far from what makes this a success. In this session we’ll discuss 5 common pitfalls organizations run into when deploying space reservation solutions, ways you can plan to avoid them and make your return to the workplace a positive vs painful experience for you and your employees!

Expert Panel

The WORKTECH Guide to Resource Management & The Return to Work Agenda

The world now has a renewed focus on the costs and wastes associated with business. As part of the return to the office strategy, we will need new technology to measure and book spaces as well as other data to provide a safe and secure environment. This panel will share insights from our latest WORKTECH Guide, exploring cutting edge resource management technology innovations with some of the leading players in the field.

Networking Break & Virtual Exhibition

Meeting Room Booking Case Studies & Learnings from Sony, NORCE Research and the EU Council

Carl Standertskjold, Corporate Segment Marketing Manager, Sony Europe and Kjetil Knutsen, IT Manager, NORCE Research will be joining us to explore the future of meeting room innovations. Sharing pioneering case studies from NORCE and the EU Council, they will examine how Covid-19 has impacted the way we use meeting spaces and how room booking technologies must evolve to meet customer needs.

The Future Connected Workplace

Expert Panel

The Future of Resource Management Technology and The Connected Workplace

Following on from our earlier panel, this discussion will broaden the conversation around smart workplace scheduling technology. We will look at how room and desk booking solutions play into a wider role of workplace management and optimisation, that ultimately deliver a workplace which is safe, smart and fit for the future.

Networking Break & Virtual Exhibition

The Bionic Workplace

Sensors, booking systems, and the entire ecosystem of utilization technologies can quickly provide efficiencies that deliver cost savings back to the organization. However, as we look to the near future, we can see that these technologies provide the backbone for driving new kinds of value. Bionic workplaces that integrate physical & digital can provide data back to those occupants so that individuals & teams can see their own patterns and use those to better reach their goals.

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Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

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