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On-Demand Content

The future of work is on everyone’s agenda. This event brings thought leaders together to share cutting edge ideas on the future, from the Life Sciences industry. It will allow an understanding of the key drivers of change and enablers of innovation that will shape how, where and when work takes place. Our conference programme will explore future technologies, cutting edge award-winning workplaces and people, change and engagement.

On-Demand Content

Expert Panel: International Perspectives on the Life Science Workplace

In this webinar, industry experts from the US and Europe will discuss shifts to more data-driven approaches to workplace design, collaborations across hybrid teams, and the evolving priorities of leaders within the industry. How is the life science industry responding to the future of work in the long-term? And what can we learn from these large organisations about how to create cohesive teams across different geographical locations?

Data Insights: GSK Workplace Performance Hub

At GSK, we believe that the workplace should be a health enabler because when we feel at our best, we perform at our best. We have built a Workplace Performance Hub in our HQ and with our own people, we are testing the impact of the workspace on wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity. Many programs fail to integrate office design & environment into health & wellbeing strategy, bypassing enormous opportunity to positively impact employee health. Using case study data, we demonstrate how objective evaluation of your working environment influences employee health, wellbeing & performance.

Learning From Life Sciences

As the industry looks towards leading workplaces to help forge a strategy back to the office, this session explores the pioneering journey GSK has undertaken to achieve its global Smart Working programme. Working closely with its technology partner Sony Nimway, GSK piloted a series of Innovation Hubs and smart workplaces across its global portfolio.

The Future of Work in Life Sciences

Life Science companies are grappling with several forces that are impacting new ways of working: the rethinking of the working model post-pandemic, the great resignation, and the evolving war for talent and the need to build new competitive capabilities. Companies are rethinking the human, digital and workplace agenda but there is no single approach that companies are adopting. In this session, we will explore how Life Science companies are seizing the opportunity to reassess traditional ways of working to reimagine what is best for their business and employees.

Design for the Future Life Science Workplace

In acknowledging that the life science industry has been at the epicentre of the global pandemic, this session will highlight key research which is shaping the future of the life science workplace and draw on relevant case studies and examples where new ways of working are being implemented. It will then set out three future scenarios for the workplace based on the core trends shaping the industry.

Q1 2022 WORKTECH Academy Trend Briefing: Seven Models for New World of Work

As companies move from speculating about hybrid working to detailing strategy for its implementation, the Q1 2022 Trend Report explores the practical challenges of making hybrid happen through the prism of seven theoretical models. At the Q1 2022 Trend briefing, we were joined by members and experts to discuss how to make hybrid a success.

Q4 2021 WORKTECH Academy Trend Briefing: Learning to Live with Covid-19

Going from pandemic to endemic means living with Covid-19 every day and in every way. Every sector of business must face up to the reality that there won’t be any fast way out of the crisis – and there may not be any full stop either. Our Q4 2021 Trend Briefing discussed nine research reports produced by the Academy with member organisations to propose ways to make hybrid working a success.


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