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Life Sciences Workplace, curated by WORKTECH Events, is a unique virtual conference designed for all workplace professionals interested and involved in the future of work and the workplace for the Life Sciences industry.

Rapidly developing technology, evolving public health demands, employee expectations, amongst other global factors are accelerating the life sciences and public health industries and transforming the ways these organisations operate and conduct business. From real estate development through to tech-enabled research and cross-disciplinary collaboration, these shifts will impact the future of the industry, highlighting the need to adapt to the changing nature of the workforce.

This event will focus specifically on the Life Sciences sector, examining trends and innovations that will impact the industry in relation to the rapidly changing landscape of work. These trends range from flexible workspaces to smart tools, culture shifts and a more collaborative academic-corporate approach.

Format & Event Timings
Designed to bring the Life Science Workplace discussion to our global audience, this event will bring you a mix of live and on-demand content addressing the unique challenges and opportunities for innovation across the US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

The times below indicate when live sessions will be running in local time zones – attendees can join at times convenient to your region and all sessions will be made available post-event, in case you cannot join at the scheduled live time.

Live Event | Wednesday 1st June – Free to attend
UK / Europe: 15.00 BST | 16:00 CEST
North America: 7.00 PDT | 10.00 EDT

On-Demand Content | Wednesday 1st June – Sunday 17th July
On-demand sessions and exclusive international case studies will be released on 1st June and will be conveniently accessible to stream for a 6 week period.

More information coming soon! View our latest thought-leadership insights on the life science industry here.



  • Sofonias Demsas

    Head of Global Governance, Standards, Best Practice - Corporate Real Estate, Bayer

  • Brandon DeWitt

    Senior Director and Head of Workplace Strategy and Integration, Genentech

  • David Hole

    Managing Director, Global Leader in Life Science Talent and Organization Practice, Accenture

  • Paul Tackowiak

    Director of Workplace Strategy and Design, Bristol Myers Squibb


Our speakers are leading international thinkers, industry strategists and radical visionaries. Our speakers come from some of today’s most successful companies as well as a broad range of progressive and influential organisations.

Please contact Isabel Dewhurst-Marks regarding speaking opportunities at this event.

Conference Themes

Tech Accelerators: Embracing Big Data, AI & Machine Learning


Across the globe, organizations operating in the life sciences and public health sector have faced a new sense of urgency to manage and report on data with speed and accuracy. Significant investments are being made in data initiatives and AI & machine learning solutions across the sector and reliance on these technologies continues to grow. Accelerated by the demands of Covid-19, how will this embrace of data and automation reshape the future of the industry?

Driving Innovation & Collaboration


Cross-disciplinary collaboration, along with providing start-ups and intermediate-sized companies with appropriate space and access to investment and business development opportunities are key components to driving scientific advancements. How can business leaders and developers adopt a holistic approach, addressing the needs of the industry through the lens of people, place and technology?

Resiliency in Real Estate


Unlike traditional real estate areas such as retail and offices, the buoyant life science sector is uniquely positioned to withstand the economic ravages of the pandemic. With much of the work conducted by life sciences companies, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other medical research fields requiring physical workspace, we examine latest trends and implications for the corporate real estate sector.

The War for Talent


Where large pharmaceutical companies once relied on an established reputation to attract talent, they are now forced to re-evaluate their workplace offering – in competition with tech companies and prominent players in other industries. How can leaders in the industry attract and retain the future innovators and highly skilled talent that scientific progress depends on?

Designing for the new era of work


Laboratories are complex workspaces with unique requirements. Addressing the growing space demands of the industry while adapting to the global shift towards agile, hybrid work models poses notable challenges for business leaders in the sector. As we look to the post-COVID future, architects and designers have a crucial role to play in the changing parameters of the corporate life science workplace.

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